HA: Island of Misfit Ultimates

Hosted by: UnicornGoddess98
Danganronpa: Huntington Arc: Island of Misfit Ultimates

Dear Applicant,
We are sorry to hear you want your Ultimate changed or removed. We are, however, happy to comply with your request and have scheduled you to attend a community to help rehabilitate and successfully have your talent changed/removed. We hope you have a safe journey to our tropical retreat.
You have applied and sent this letter from Clarke, Head of Public Relations, and a big funder for Hopes Peak. He has created a program for students who do not want to be an ultimate or want it changed. They get the chance to start over with a clean slate…or so you thought…

•Jaime Steele|14|M|Ultimate Photographer|UnicornGoddess98
•Erio Wishlay|13|F|Ultimate Trendsetter|kgunzrok
•Hae Ha-na|17|F|Ultimate K-Pop Group Member|Symmetry888
•Mun Sun-Hi|17|F|Ultimate K-Pop Group Member|SirNiceGuy
•Greta Payne|15|F|Ultimate Game Developer|coolexchangestudent
•Eiji Keshi|16|M|Ultimate Voodoo Practitioner|RyanAndrews
•Yukari Ashikaga|16|F|Ultimate Proofreader|TomokoKokuri
•Itsumi Kikuchi|14|F|Ultimate Yosegi Artist|Absol
•Oshio "Kuni" Shirkuni|16|M|Ultimate Boxer|spinfur
•Ito Nakamura|17|F|Ultimate Historian|Noxity
•Tose Hamada "Kobe"|16|M|Ultimate Prisoner|Rennac
•Genki Ohno|16|M|Ultimate Cuddler|Maladus1
•Rosalita Valentine|17|F|Ultimate "Hostess"|QueenRenge130

Toy Soldiers

•Maximo "Max" Salamanca|17|M|Ultimate Smuggler|MattLovesAmerica (Blown up)
•Bethany Dumonte|17|F|Ultimate Child Psychologist|UnicornGoddess98 (Killed by Philedelphia)
•Philadelphia Satoko|15|M|Ultimate Lucky Student|ninjohn (Shoved into the bonfire)
•Jaaku Tagpiana|17|M|Ultimate Ice Climber|bigdizzleyomama (Stabbed and body desicrated by Konishi and "traitor"?)
•Konishi Tekkan|16|M|Ultimate Model|Logie56 (Eaten by piranhas)
•Natalia Saede|16|F|Ultimate Florist|rodrigueseve (Stabbed by ???)
•Rayan Bouchard|16|M|Ultimate Cake Decorator|Roxas456 (stabbed by ???)
Prologue: Polly Pocket: Paradise of Fear
Episode 1: Barbie: Life in the Despair House
Episode 2: Go Go Despair Rangers!
Episode 3: Teenage Ultimate Despair Losers
Episode 4: ???
Episode 5: ???
Epilogue: ???

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HA: Island of Misfit Ultimates

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