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Hunger Games (RP Group Game)

In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and a female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public "reaping". These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the Capitol. And then transferred into a public arena, where they will fight to the death until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be known as "The Hunger Games."

Head Gamemaker: Farrah Augustine (kgunzrok)

District 6 (Transportation) 馃憫馃憫馃憫
F: Alaska Lines,18 (SeaViper)


24th-Kendal Quillion~D10F~Neck snapped with rope by Amelia
23rd-Corona Virus-D2F~Head impaled on metal by Alaska/Willow
22nd-Baylor Rhile~D7F~Beaten to death by Assiros
21st-Nix Rezzal~D3M~Head smashed against the door of a car by Lamb
20th-Yasmin Sanchez~D12F~Neck stabbed by Assiros/Juniper
19th-Sage Hyacinth~D12M~ Head stomped in by Amelia
18th- Valor Argyros~D2M~Head slammed into a pedestal by Assiros
17th-Allie G.~D4F~Neck snapped by Anastasia
16th Scoke Pinewood~D7M~Neck snapped with rope by Amelia
15th~Amber Lee~D8F~Head caved in by Anastasia
14th~Emmet~D11M~Impaled through chest/head bashed in by Anastasia
13th-Alfred Cathy~D5M~Eyes gouged out by Lamb
12th-Gavin Gunn~D1M~Blended by the quarry drill (Machine Uprising)
11th-Ethan Miller~D4M~Throat stabbed by Alaska
10th-Juniper Atokin~D9F~Throat slashed by Lillith
9th-Lillith Canossa~D3F~pelted with throwing knives from Assiros
8th-Ben Oto~D6M~crushed to death via Crusher (Machine Uprising)
7th- Amelia Meera~D5F~Suiside
6th-Anastasia Diamond~D1F~Gas Inhilation
5th-WIllow Avery~D11F~Gas Inhilation
4th-Matthew Renali~D8M~Axe to the chest by Lamb
3rd-Lamb Everhorn-D10M-Crushed under cars by Assiros
2nd- Assiros Einkorn~D9M~Stabbed through the chest with sword by Alaska

The Capitol -
The Gamemakers -

Current Victor:
18-year-old Alaska Lines of District 6

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Hunger Games (RP Group Game)

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