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Bad Moon Rising Applications

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123 days 10 hours ago
Character Name:
Age (19-28):
Personality Traits:

Activity Level (1-10):
Available Days/Times:
123 days 10 hours ago
Character Name: Victoria Wentworth
Gender: Nonbinary (She/Her)
Age (19-28): 23
Sexuality: Asexual
Major: English Literature and Psychology Dual Major
Personality Traits: Witty, sarcastic, dark-humored.
Bio: Victoria's one of the biggest faces around the university. She's involved in writing the newspaper, hosting school events, and a ton more. She's a bit of a workaholic, barely sleeping and work work working all the time. With the latest news of all these young women going missing, including a bunch of students from in her classes, Victoria is determined to get to the bottom of what's going on even if her friends don't really believe her and think she just needs to take a nap before she gets even more paranoid.
Faceclaim: Nina Dobrev
123 days 10 hours ago
Character Name: Eli Novak
Gender: Male
Age (19-28): 27
Sexuality: Pansexual
Major: Criminal Justice
Personality Traits: Easygoing, friendly, laid-back.
Bio: Eli's always around campus, there to offer some friendly advice and a hit from his bong. He's known for not taking school very seriously even though he's highly intelligent. He didn't really care much about this whole situation with the missing girls, but it's become his problem because one of the girls that just went missing recently ended up being his twin sister Amanda.
Faceclaim: Noah Centineo
123 days 9 hours ago
Character Name: Vlad Nightville
Gender: male
Age (19-28): 21
Sexuality: gayyyyy
Major: Exercise Science
Personality Traits: Confident, Adventurous, Naive
Bio: Vlad is a one of the star football players at the college and a known party animal. He is also a swimmer, but he isn’t as good at that as football so nobody really cares. Vlad is always down for an adventure whether it be hiking or just exploring places he probably shouldn’t he’s always down. It doesn’t take much for Vlad to trust somebody since he isn’t the brightest person on campus, but hey that’s why he’s majoring in exercise science after all.
Faceclaim: Charlie Carver

Activity Level (1-10):8
Available Days/Times:Anyday
123 days 7 hours ago
Character Name: Miranda Chabot
Gender: Female
Age (19-28): 19
Sexuality: Pansexual
Major: Fashion Journalism
Personality Traits: Bubbly, Clever, Chill, Sarcastic
Bio: Miranda was sort of an ugly duckling as a child. She was often teased for the way she looks and has been very insecure. Once she got to College she decided to better herself and have a pursuit a complete makeover. She is very well liked in college for being very nice and have been designing merch for the school. She also is an inter for Vogue
Faceclaim: Kat Dennings

Activity Level (1-10): 10
Available Days/Times: Weekends
121 days 14 hours ago
Character Name: Lance Mercer
Gender: Male
Age (19-28): 21
Sexuality: Male
Major: History and Linguistics with a focus in Ancient Lore
Personality Traits: Confident, Observant, Forward
Bio: Lance, is very confident even though he is a history major he has been very successful being able to decipher codes to an old ancient tablet in town has gotten him some notoriety and earned him some big boy dollars through the history commission. Lance is currently working on his dissertation on the lore of vampires in town so he can finally decipher if these old tales were indeed fact or fiction. (IDK if this work if not let me know we can change)
Faceclaim: Thomas Elms

Activity Level (1-10): 7
Available Days/Times: Thursday to Sunday , Saturday is a tad spotty.
121 days 13 hours ago
Character Name: isadora Nightingale
Gender: Female
Age (19-28): 26
Sexuality: Straight
Major:  foreign languages history, french languages, classical myths anx legends
Personality Traits: bubbly, annoyance, listener
Bio: After studying abroad for foreign languages and in Paris for French languages, she decide to finally settle at Amherstdale. Upon arrival, she felt the town gloom and sorrow, even seeing many missing poster sign of missing woman. She apply to study on myths and legends classes and get to know this town and the legends.
Faceclaim: Camila Mendes

Activity Level (1-10): 8.5
Available Days/Times: depends on my work schedule but always try to make it
121 days 5 hours ago
Character Name: Molly Moore
Gender: Female
Age (19-28): 19
Sexuality: Asexual
Major: General History but more focused on Art History
Personality Traits: Calm, observant, intelligent
Bio: Molly is, honestly, kind of weird. She is sweet and innocent but somehow seems to be fascinated by anything creepy and dark. Seeing a vampire in real life would actually be, like, the best thing to ever happen to her. As for her past, no one really knows anything about that. She just kinda showed up one day. What secrets could Molly Moore be hiding? Also what kind of name is Molly Moore? How weird.
Faceclaim: Sabrina Carpenter

Activity Level (1-10): 8
Available Days/Times: Best days would be Sat or Sun or Friday in the evening or night!
119 days 11 hours ago
Character Name: Robin Kendrick
Gender: Transgender Woman
Age (19-28): 20
Sexuality: Straight
Major: Pre-Med focus in Dermatology
Personality Traits: Sassy, Bitter, Unintentionally Funny, Easily Annoyed
Bio: Robin before the transition was invisible. By that time she wished that she was in a new body and when she graduated from high school, no one would recognize her. Robin transitioned and she reinvented herself. Some say before choosing pre-med, she was very happy and outgoing but this major made her bitter. The only real friend she has is Eli because he is nice.

Activity Level (1-10): 7
Available Days/Times: Weekends
118 days 21 hours ago
Character Name: Gabriel "Gabe" Bouchard
Gender: Male
Age (19-28): 24
Sexuality: Bisexual
Major: English Literature
Personality Traits: Sarcastic, confident, brash, decently intelligent (but he's way dumber than his s/o and u can put money on that xoxo)
Bio: When he's not busy playing the devil's advocate in classroom discussions and professing his undying love for Holden Caulfield, Gabe's a decent enough guy. He's fairly popular around campus, never one to turn down a social event (even if he's unable to convince his ever-busy significant other Victoria Wentworth to chill with him). While he doesn't actually believe in any of this vampire shit, he's willing to fake suspending his disbelief if it means he gets to spend more time with her. He also has an absolutely fucking scathing critique of Twilight prepared to go at any moment in time, so...
Faceclaim: Brandon Flynn

Activity Level (1-10): 7
Available Days/Times: usually free on weekends xoxo
118 days 16 hours ago
Character Name: Polly Moore
Gender: Female
Age (19-28): 23
Sexuality: Straight
Major: Bakery Science
Personality Traits: over-endearing, happy-go-lucky, ditzy, over-protective
Bio: Polly Moore isn’t like most big sisters, she’s a cool big sister! In reality, she’s actually just a hassle for Molly to deal with. She constantly ruins their dorm with weird baking accidents and she’s super protective of Molly. Like, one time Molly caught her following her in one of those fake bush costumes. Polly fully believes that vampires do exist. She’s convinced that her hallucination of a sparkling Robert Pattinson was a sign that they do exist. She also thinks that Gabe is a vampire but she keeps that one to herself. There’s also the fact that her friend went missing last April, but she keeps that one to herself too.
Faceclaim: Sara Paxton

Activity Level (1-10): 7
Available Days/Times: the weekend would be best!
118 days 9 hours ago
Character Name: Peyton Calloway
Gender: Female
Age (19-28): 22
Sexuality: Bisexual
Major: Gender Studies
Personality Traits: Self-assured, cynical, skeptical, ambicious, reserved
Bio: The adopted daughter of two gay and very wealthy influential philantropists, Peyton Calloway has always strived for the best ever since she was little. Having lived in the city for most of her life, Peyton left her fast-lane, luxurious life in Manhattan after moving to Amherstdale. While being relatively well-known around campus grounds, Peyton's always kept herself pretty reserved when it came to real friendships, being way more focused on her major than anything else. Really the only real friend she's made on campus so far have been the Moore sisters -- Polly in particular, Molly by association -- Polly's personality serving in contrast to Peyton's more cynical view of things. Despite being quite superstituous sometimes, Peyton doesn't believe in the vampire legend lurking around town, shrugging it off as a weird myth to conceal the real reason so many women have been going missing on full moons. Strong-willed but reticient, Peyton's looking for a way to finally break out of her bubble of stress... Maybe the full moon festival that's just around the corner will be her breakthrough?
Faceclaim: Greta Onieogou

Activity Level: 7
Available Days/Times: very spotty on weekdays, weekends work great!
118 days 7 hours ago
Character Name: Paivel McCreadie
Gender: Male
Age (19-28): 19
Sexuality: Pansexual
Major: Broadcast Journalism
Personality Traits: Goofy, Socially Oblivious, Sincere.
Bio: Paivel tries to fit in he really does, but more often than not he comes off as a blundering fool. Despite looking like an actual twelve year old, Paivel was under the impression that once he got to college everything would fall into place; he'd have a total 80's movie moment and get his own musical number-- despite his inability to carry a tune, he'd find the partner of his dreams-- again, despite his lack of experience in the romance department, and he'd finally reach six foot even which is perhaps the cruelest of things a wonder bread white boy in his position could fail to live up to. So far college has actually been pretty okay, minus the whole missing girls thing but maybe if he can get to the bottom of things he might be able to drum up a shred of social relevance.
Faceclaim: Asa Butterfield

Activity Level: 8
Available Days/Times: Evenings post 8pm EST preferred, days flexible!
115 days 1 hour ago
Character Name: Everett “Ev” Xynes
Gender: Male
Age (19-28): 25
Sexuality: Gay, but he does not know that himself yet.
Major: Double major of Culinary and Accounting.
Personality Traits: Clever, Shy, Sane and Sweet
Bio: Everett is a loner to put it simply. He never shows interest in getting to people— or himself. He’s never dated, been kissed, and is a total virgin. He is gay, but he has no idea about it, that is how out of himself he truly is. He just thinks that focusing on schoolwork is important and everything else does not last.
Faceclaim: Antoni Porowski

Activity Level (1-10): 9/10
Available Days/Times: Usually any day works for me.
113 days 4 hours ago
Character Name: Serena Kopala
Age (19-28): 25
Sexuality: Straight
Major: Cosmetology
Personality Traits: nice, smart, bossy, funny
Bio: Serena is the only girl in her family with four older brothers. Serena has a lot of ex boyfriends.  Serena decided to major in Cosmetology cause she loves doing other people's hair and dying their hair and doing her own hair too.
Faceclaim: Kailah Casillas

Activity Level (1-10): 9.5
Available Days/Times: every day and every time
108 days 2 hours ago
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