Bad Moon Rising

It is the year 2014.

The local legend of the town of Amherstdale is that of vampires. It has been said, during the blood moon, that they return from their graves and take as much blood as they can under the power of the moon. No one really believed it, of course, even when there were many young adults going missing (mostly women) in April during the first blood moon.

It's October now. With a festival celebrating the blood moon approaching, a bunch of college students have decided this is the perfect time to find Dracula themselves (or, in layman's terms, probably get drunk on some gravestones.)

Victoria Wentworth [Symmetry888]
Vlad Nightville [bigdizzleyomama]
Lance Mercer [Rain848]
Isadora Nightingale [Maya10]
Gabriel "Gabe" Bouchard [Demgirl6]
Paivel McCreadie [Mitsuki]
Everett "Ev" Xynes [BarbraStreisand]

Amanda Novak [Symmetry888] // Dead // Page 52
Polly Moore [turkeylover] // Dead // Page 68
Molly Moore [nateclove] // Dead // Page 68
Serena Kopala [Tommy123] // Dead // Page 68
Eli Novak [Symmetry888] // Dead // Page 68
Peyton Calloway [PennyTrationStan] // Dead // Page 88
Robin Kendrick [Chromatica] // Dead // Page 91
Miranda Chabot [Ajathekween] // Dead // Page 93

Episode Date: Nov. 20th-22nd

Featured Players 13 playing

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Bad Moon Rising
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The Killing Hour Episode 4 "Days Gone"
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