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1412 days 20 hours ago
I don't really have any questions so I'll just kinda say what I'm thinking and you can respond if you want idk

Azri - You were meant to leave when Jonah did (a certain person was pushing HARD for you to go) but I busted my ass for you and got you added to our alliance :x That said, I can't be bitter considering I did the same to you in Bigben's recently (which was a HUGE mistake btw)

Brit - I wonder how different things would be if I hadn't been able to convince you Jonah had to go. Thank you for being the only person who stayed 100% loyal until the end, I know how cutthroat you can be so it means a lot to someone who has a hard time finding loyal allies these days :p

Ryan - I'm going to start this off by saying I'm not bitter now. I don't think you know just how much I trusted you (A LOT) and I don't think you know just how PISSED I was when I learned the truth. When you flipped the round Survivorgame1 left, multiple people came to me saying it was you (Brit, Luis, AJ) and I shut them all down IMMEDIATELY. I blamed AJ for that at first... I suppose I should commend you though, you did one hell of a job covering your tracks in this game.

Well that's all, thanks for having me Cornelia <3
I'll see y'all in All Stars ;) jk my flop ass isn't getting on
1412 days 12 hours ago
"Other than that, he had to beg others to vote his way and he flip flopped, proving that he was both not loyal and untrustworthy."

First of all, I did not beg for any votes... Brittany was lost as soon as Julian left. She kept asking me who to vote and she knew I was the only person that was going to give her an honest answer. She only had me.. No one else. So, I kept informing her on who vote. I didn't beg also, I knew I had Azri for sure and Vlad.. and Brittany! The only person that can truly say I wasn't loyal to them is Julian. Other than him, I was loyal to the people I was with as much as possible
1412 days 10 hours ago
Asking my question soon! :)
1412 days 2 hours ago
Ryan, I asked everyone who the vote was?? Even when Julian was still in the game. And the only reason why Azri can say that we didn't really talk is because he never responded to my pms
1407 days 23 hours ago

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