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1418 days 9 hours ago
Come on in guys! First things first, Luis, I'll take that back for the FINAL time. For the final time this season immunity is back up for grabs.

For your final challenge you will be playing, The Traveller. For this challenge, you will each get an individual post. In this post, you will post a name of a country from around the world. However, you must post these countries in alphabetical order, from A-Z. Once you reach Z, you must restart again from A. You cannot repeat a country, and use it twice. You can only post a country, every hour however. If you post a country in less than an hour, I will not count that country, and you cannot use that country again, and will have to think of another and I'll count the next country if it's posted in more than an hour.

The person with the highest score will win individual immunity, become safe at Tribal Council and guarantee themselves a 1 in 3 shot at winning this game, and a spot at the Final Tribal Council where you and two others will plead your case to the jury. Losers, tribal council where somebody will become the final member of the jury and the 15th person voted out from this game. You have 48 hours to complete the challenge. Good luck.

Survivors, ready? GO!
1418 days 8 hours ago
1415 days 22 hours ago
I have the results:

Azri: 39 Logs
Brittany: 31 Logs
Luis: 38 Logs
Ryan: 1 Log


Azri with his second immunity win, and you are safe from the vote at tribal council tonight for the final time. You are guaranteed a 1 in 3 shot at winning this game, and a chance to plead your case to the jury at the final Tribal Council. As for the rest of you after 38 days, somebody will come up short, and become the final member of the jury. You have 24 hours to figure out who that is going to be. Grab your stuff, head back to camp. See you tonight, at tribal council.

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