Kara's Survivor: Philippines [S3]

Congratulations to Ryan / Iceey for winning S2 Survivor: Africa!!!

Season 3 takes us to PHILIPPINES!

Applications close: TBD
Game starts: TBD

16 castaways
1 sole survivor ((WINNER IS GIFTED))

Placements ~
16th: PeterParker16/Jay (Masamba) [6-1-1]
15th: brontesonly(STXPPLAYING)/Alexander (Jelani) [quit]
14th: karmaron72/Jackson (Masamba) [6-1]
13th: robbyjak/Robby (Masamba) [5-1]
12th: GerardoM13/Jerry (Jelani) [4-2-1]
11th: kekgeek/Jacob (Jelani/Masamba) [4-1]
10th: Vergi1/Eric (Jelani/Jelani/Dakarai) [5-3-1-1]
=============== JURY ===============
9th: IceBeast/Will (Masamba/Masamba/Dakarai) [5-4]
8th: smuguy2012/Matt (Masamba/Jelani/Dakarai) [5-3]
7th: obscurity/Sagar (Jelani/Jelani/Dakarai) [4-3]
6th: alanb1/Alan (Masamba/Masamba/Dakarai) [2-2-(2),3-1]
5th: Pokepat/Patrick (Masamba/Masamba/Dakarai) [3-2]
4th: Aidan0621/Aidan (Masamba/Jelani/Dakarai) [2-2, rocks)
3rd: DavidM7/David (Jelani/Jelani/Dakarai) [voted out by Ryan]
2nd: Violetx/Violet (Jelani/Jelani/Dakarai) [5-2] 2 votes to win
1st: Iceey/Ryan (Jelani/Masamba/Dakarai) [5-2] 5 votes to win

Rules: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8864/forum/topic/19708958
Applications: https://goo.gl/forms/RxmX2vlMPyydna5t2

Featured Players 10 playing

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Kara's Survivor: Philippines [S3]

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