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Rites of Passage

Topic » Rites of Passage

2067 days 3 hours ago
18th: Galore/Akshay [6-0] (Chhlat)
17th: FireWolf/Gunther [6-0] (Samrosa)
16th: Coppertribe/Jack S. [4-2] (Khlang)
15th: Maicolx3/Israel [4-1] (Samrosa, Samrosa)
14th: CoachWade/Brady [3-2] (Chhlat, Chhlat)
13th: Christian37/Christian [4-1] (Khlang, Khlang)
12th: J2999/James [3-1] (Khlang, Samrosa)
========== JURY ==========
11th: Ari_/Ari [7-4] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang)
10th: Boy3Shooter/Jeremy [(4-4-1-1/4-4) rocks] (Khlang, Khlang, Salang)
9th: Themissinglink/Link [6-3] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang)
8th: Brosky17/Brenden [(3-3-2/4-2) (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang)
7th: Rocketokid13/Bilbo (Samrosa, Samrosa, Salang) -- self evict but still jury
6th: RealJacksonWalsh/Jack W. [3-2-1] (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang)
5th: Smuguy2012/Matt [4-1] (Khlang, Chhlat, Salang)
2067 days ago
18th: Galore/Akshay [6-0] (Chhlat) You've come for me in the past so I was happy to see you go first though was disappointed you were inactive anyway.
17th: FireWolf/Gunther [6-0] (Samrosa) IDK you and also inactive so nothing to say
16th: Coppertribe/Jack S. [4-2] (Khlang) We never talked but we did both vote Christian ironically lol
15th: Maicolx3/Israel [4-1] (Samrosa, Samrosa) Seemed nice but luckily for me your own tribe wanted you out
14th: CoachWade/Brady [3-2] (Chhlat, Chhlat) Never were on the same tribe sorry
13th: Christian37/Christian [4-1] (Khlang, Khlang) Also never really talked sorry
12th: J2999/James [3-1] (Khlang, Samrosa) Sorry I just couldn't risk tying the vote for you but we never had a f2 and you lying about it on your way out wast cool
========== JURY ==========
11th: Ari_/Ari [7-4] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang) I seen you as the biggest threat in the game when we merged and that's why I wanted you to leave
10th: Boy3Shooter/Jeremy [(4-4-1-1/4-4) rocks] (Khlang, Khlang, Salang) My brother I was so sad you were rocked out that never should have happened. PRIMETIME
9th: Themissinglink/Link [6-3] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang) Good game man you fought till the end.
8th: Brosky17/Brenden [(3-3-2/4-2) (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang) You probably hate me but I have nothing but respect for you you played a hell of a game.
7th: Rocketokid13/Bilbo (Samrosa, Samrosa, Salang) -- self evict but still jury. You were voted most likely to win sucks you had to leave that way hope everythings ok
6th: RealJacksonWalsh/Jack W. [3-2-1] (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang)  Never really talked but congrats on making it so far.
5th: Smuguy2012/Matt [4-1] (Khlang, Chhlat, Salang) I genuinely thought you were voting me this round and I am really sorry it ended this way.
2066 days 5 hours ago
18th: Galore/Akshay [6-0] (Chhlat) - Didn’t know you.
17th: FireWolf/Gunther [6-0] (Samrosa) - We had the the numbers and you were first to go.
16th: Coppertribe/Jack S. [4-2] (Khlang) - Didn’t know you.
15th: Maicolx3/Israel [4-1] (Samrosa, Samrosa) - Great guy hated to see you go tbh.
14th: CoachWade/Brady [3-2] (Chhlat, Chhlat) Sent you out and blindsided Ari sorry.
13th: Christian37/Christian [4-1] (Khlang, Khlang) Heard you were a huge threat.
12th: J2999/James [3-1] (Khlang, Samrosa) - Didn’t really know you.
========== JURY ==========
11th: Ari_/Ari [7-4] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang) - Ari, you thought you were controlling this game and that’s why you and your ego had to go sorry.
10th: Boy3Shooter/Jeremy [(4-4-1-1/4-4) rocks] (Khlang, Khlang, Salang) - Jeremy! You got blindsided by the rocks! Hated to see you leave you were very nice and I saw you as someone who I could potentially move forward with.
9th: Themissinglink/Link [6-3] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang) - Link. I am really sorry for sending you out. I had to make a choice and my choice was to stick with my beauty mates so sorry. I also believed you would have came after me.
8th: Brosky17/Brenden [(3-3-2/4-2) (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang) - Brenden, you were definitely after me and my side that’s why you went first in the 4/4 part! I almost went instead of you but I had a better social game. Sorry
7th: Rocketokid13/Bilbo (Samrosa, Samrosa, Salang) -- self evict but still jury - Bilbo you self evicted and it came to a shock to us but you were honestly next. I knew you were flip flopping votes and couldn’t trust you.
6th: RealJacksonWalsh/Jack W. [3-2-1] (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang) - Jack, we never really talked and that’s why I’d rather take you out before Matt.
5th: Smuguy2012/Matt [4-1] (Khlang, Chhlat, Salang - Matt, I loved you outside this game but in here I couldn’t trust you I actually almost believed you at the end here but stuck with my crew! Sorry. Mad respect
2066 days 1 hour ago
18th: Galore/Akshay [6-0] (Chhlat) never spoke to you/ don’t know you
17th: FireWolf/Gunther [6-0] (Samrosa) it was your time I honestly don’t even remember you
16th: Coppertribe/Jack S. [4-2] (Khlang) don’t know you
15th: Maicolx3/Israel [4-1] (Samrosa, Samrosa) Yeah you was too risky to keep. Sorry but if you stayed I probably won’t be here tbh.
14th: CoachWade/Brady [3-2] (Chhlat, Chhlat) Never spoke/ Don’t know you
13th: Christian37/Christian [4-1] (Khlang, Khlang) Dont know you
12th: J2999/James [3-1] (Khlang, Samrosa) Lol don’t miss you bye
========== JURY ==========
11th: Ari_/Ari [7-4] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang) Ari I saw your message to late tbh if I saw it earlier I would have rallied to make this girl girl alliance and help u stay
10th: Boy3Shooter/Jeremy [(4-4-1-1/4-4) rocks] (Khlang, Khlang, Salang) didn’t speak to you in the game sadly and when I did you was out :/
9th: Themissinglink/Link [6-3] (Chhlat, Chhlat, Salang) Link you was doing too much. You had to go.
8th: Brosky17/Brenden [(3-3-2/4-2) (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang) Brosky you wanted me out so of course I wanted you out!
7th: Rocketokid13/Bilbo (Samrosa, Samrosa, Salang) -- self evict but still jury
Bilbo I was bummed when you self evicted hope everything is good
6th: RealJacksonWalsh/Jack W. [3-2-1] (Chhlat, Khlang, Salang) Jack you did nothing all game tbh even on your last day never mailed me. Just nothing
5th: Smuguy2012/Matt [4-1] (Khlang, Chhlat, Salang) Matt I do adore you but in this game I honestly think keeping you would have been harder than letting you stay. Nothing personal hun
2066 days 1 hour ago
18th: Galore....I didn't get a chance to know you dude.  We weren't tribemates and we didnt get a chance to talk. Sorry you went so soon.

17th: FireWolf/Gunther...ah the first beauty to get the booty.  Sorry bud, someone in our tribe had to go, and you were just what the majority alliance felt was best.  Cheers pal

16th: Coppertribe/Jack S.  Never spoke to you.  You seemed nice enough.

15th: Maicolx3/Israel  You were the first boot I really felt sad about.  We spoke on skype and we both are Jersey boys.  You are awesome!  I guess the swap got ya.  I think you would have done much better if we continued to be tribemates.

14th: CoachWade/Brady   Never got the chance to talk with ya.  Guess it was your time.  Godspeed friend

13th: Christian37/Christian   I believe you are a much better player than your placement indicated.

12th: J2999/James ...Never got to connect with you bud.  Wish I seem really cool.  The last pre-jury boot.

========== JURY ==========
11th: Ari_/Ari....You are an amazing player.  You are a challenge beast, and unfortunately, the majority felt it was best you go sooner than later.

10th: Boy3Shooter/Jeremy.....Rock on dude, rock on.  Miss ya bro.

9th: Themissinglink/Link ...You seem like a cool dude but were just on the wrong side of the votes.

8th: Brosky17/Brenden....You are a vet on tengaged and a strong strategic player.  Again, just on the wrong side of the votes.

7th: Rocketokid13/Bilbo .. So glad to have met you.  So sad you had to leave.  I hope everything is ok.  You would have gone very far in this game.

6th: RealJacksonWalsh/Jack W.   We were close in the early stages of this game, but after the merge, we never spoke a word to each other.  Not sure what happened.  We are fratmates and I hope still friends.

5th: Smuguy2012/Matt are teflon my friend.  Could not get you out. If only you had come to me sooner, we may have been able to do great things being that we both are veteran tengaged strategists.  By the time you messaged me, I was already solid with my crew.

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