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494 days 3 hours ago
Welcome castaways! Here is the twist of the season!


     Each round there will be a new King of Pride Rock. As we all know in history, there were some good kings and some bad kings. However for pride rock, it is undetermined whether or not you will be a good king or a bad king. Each round, everyone will be put into a poll. The public will vote on who they want to be king for the round. The person with the highest percentage will be king. They will receive either a good reward or a bad reward. Some rewards (good or bad) will be announced publically. If not, only you will know and it is up to you whether or not you want to share that info. After a king is chosen I will randomize to determine if your reward will be good or bad. I will also send you a video of the randomizer so nobody claims “rig”. You may only become king ONCE! If you have any questions please ask in your tribe chat. Good luck and lets make this a fun season!

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