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=== Castle Crashers ===
C"MON IN GUYS! Slightly based around my recent addiction of: Civilization VI. Ready your men, and prepare for war.

Each of you have been given a small castle [Tengaged Group] from a Higher Lord, which you have many options to expand and create a fruitful society, or burn your opponents to the ground. There's three victory conditions, the first person to meet any of them will win Individual Immunity.

- Economy: Having the most posts you've personally spammed in your 'Castle' thread by the time the challenge is over.
- Domination: Being the last castle left standing in the game.
- Diplomatic: Being allowed into all opponents castles.

The main goal for an 'Economy' victory is simple, just spam in your 'Castle' thread in your group. If your castle still stands and isn't destroyed by the end of the challenge the player with the most posts will win Individual Immunity.

However, you can also destroy castles 'Domination' - eliminating a player(s) from the game. In the public 'Siege' thread, you can attack a castle and attempt to destroy it. At any time in the game you may post Sieges [Castaway's] Castle 1 and then wait a single hour, to post again, which you will have a five minute grace-period to post the next siege or it will be cancelled and you'll be from scratch. However, there is another catch! You may only initiate the siege, the following must be someone from outside of the game you get to post. All castles begin with 3 'Defense' points. Which means it takes three sieges to take down, but they all can be increased overtime.

A 'Diplomatic' victory is pretty simple: Each castaway playing will be given admin of their specific group, which they can allow other players to come in and help them spam for their castles. However, it MUST be castaways in the game. If a single castaway can make it into each group, they win with a 'Diplomatic' play-style.

Now, one last thing. Castle Defense. Below are a list of five jigsaw puzzles, increasing in size the farther you go down. Each one completed, screenshoted, and posted in the 'Siege' thread will add one level of defense to your castle. Increasing how long it takes to siege it.

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Stoner | Castle

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