The Tenth Hunger Games

24 Tributes will be placed into an arena, in which, they will fight to the death in a glorious pagaent. Once the dust settles, only one will remain to claim the Title of Victor. Who will it be?
Brian King (BrainJak)
Kendall Lalisa (aria_grande)
Brian "X" Hammock (FireX)
Kimmy (iichaoskimmy)
Evelyn Grainer (purplebb4)


District 2(Masonry)
F: Melissa Moore(me2013) 14 y/o

District 5(Power)
M: Leon Tyraden(Novamax243) 16 y/o

3rd - (5) Brittany Roark (Knife to the Chest)
4th - (7) Aspen Hemlock (Knife to the Belly)
5th - (6) Deborah Gooch (Arrow to the Neck)
6th - (2) Ivo Scorpii (DEATH FROM GM)
7th - (1) Prodigy Chic (Back Slashed Open)
8th - (10) Tatum Charter (Arrow to the Neck/Explosion)
9th - (11) Dank Twinks (Arrow to the Neck)
10th - (4) Leanna Mason (Neck Stabbed)
11th - (8) Asher Thredson (Arrow to the Eye)
12th - (12) Oliver Storms (Flail to the Face)
13th - (7) Amber Donning (Head Caved In)
14th - (1) Aaron Miller (Head Caved In/Blood Loss)
15th - (6) Tyler Kakuna (Tornado)
16th - (12) Cassandra Rose (Tornado)
17th - (8) Claudia Knightly (Mace to the Head)
18th - (9) Stormer Summers (Suicide via Hanging)
19th - (11) Milly Prescott (Arrow to the Head)
20th - (3) Ross Gaster (Sword through the Stomach)
21st - (3) Ellen Van Hannover (Rapier to the Chest)
22nd - (10) Kyaellas (Halberd to the Chest)
23rd - (4) Jordan Ashworth (Knife to the Chest)
24th - (9) Hayden Powers (Knife to the Chest)

Last Victor:
District 2 (Masonry)
Melissa Moore (me2013) 14 (15) y/o
The Capitol:

Featured Players 8 playing

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The Tenth Hunger Games

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