The Fifteenth Hunger Games

24 Tributes will be placed into an arena, in which, they will fight to the death in a glorious pagaent. Once the dust settles, only one will remain to claim the Title of Victor. Who will it be?
Brian King (BrainJak)
Aria (aria_grande)
Evelyn (purplebb4)
X (FireX)


District 3 (Technology) 馃憫
F: Nia Jax (Tadd) 14 y/o

2nd - (11) Cassidy Flowers (Explosive Charge)
3rd - (8) Hera King (Arrow to the Chest)
4th - (10) Noodle (Scythe across the body)
5th - (11) Nathaniel Razona (Knife to the back/Blood loss)
6th - (9) Ryker Toru (Axe to the back/Blood loss)
7th - (1) Alexios (Throat Stabbed with Sais)
8th - (3) Vander Rollins (Disemboweled)
9th - (12) Billy (Bled out)
10th - (6) Akira Kurusu (Throat slit with Sais)
11th - (2) Kuta Dikov (Fall from a great height)
12th - (6) Andrea Monet (Disemboweled with a Fireaxe)
13th - (4) Cinderella (Bird Mutts)
14th - (5) Totli Realgirl (Nearly decapitated by Fireaxe)
15th - (12) Nyx Hydaria (Stabbed to death)
16th - (8) Dylan (Head smashed in by Mallet)
17th - (1) Madison Violent (GM Trap)
18th - (5) Matt (Stabbed to death)
19th - (7) Jasmine (Stabbed/Beaten to death)
20th - (7) Austino (Throat stabbed by Sais)
21st - (4) Brady (Head bashed in with Mallet)
22nd - (9) Jamilla (Throat slashed by Metal Fan)
23rd - (10) Bannet (Throat stabbed by Spiked Gloves)
24th - (2) Jasoi (Head bashed in with Baseball Bat)

Last Victor:

Neko Perro (bigdizzleyomama) of District 3

The Capitol:
The Victors:

Featured Players 13 playing

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The Fifteenth Hunger Games

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