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214 days 14 hours ago
Some of you have been mailing me begging me for just one final Hunger Games. Well here's why I've decided to say "Fuck You All" and end my series at the 15th. I have loved this series, but some of you are just pathetic and I'm tired of playing it nice.

#1 - Stunzer
Most of you know what I'm about to say. Stunzer's Hunger Games have been around FAR LONGER than mine has, so I can understand why some people would be more loyal to him, but face it, the guy shit himself. He created multis to rig people out of his own games while Admin was offline, then claimed they were his "friends" right before Admin banned the lot of them for having the same Email address (he admitted this to me on skype while pretending to be one of them and was saying 'she' and her sister and her sisters friend all shared an email). He then suddenly changed over to Discord. Gee I wonder why???

He rigged people out, his multis made it almost to the end (in fact two did if I'm not mistaken) while being banned, and yet the moment he opens up his apps to play on discord people FLOCKED to his applications while leaving mine bone-dry. And NOW after all is said and done I have people mailing me begging me to start up again because he was a biased, lying, manipulating, boring host. Gee, I wonder how many of you have said that about me?

People can say what they want to but a lot of you (including him) know that I ADORED Stunzer's games and I begged him to return. Then he pulls a stunt like that and tries to make me out to be an idiot. And a lot of the people who he rigged against turned on ME instead of listening to what I was saying.

#2 - Sore Losers
People, there are 24 players. And one winner. YOU'RE GONNA LOSE!!! It's not a fucking easy game!!! Why in the FUCK so many of you felt ENTITLED to a win when you couldn't even follow the fucking rules half the time or went offline at random times is beyond me.

I had to deal with people claiming I rigged (including Mel her two wins which is so fucking ironic I want to scream) when they KNEW I did not. I had VETERANS have hissy fits over losing when they screwed up. I had random-ass newbs get on my case for not being as professional as the other hosts or having sucky arenas when they lost.

Seriously, a LOT of you have attacked me in mails over details or shit that you deemed "missed my attention" when you lost and then when I show you DETAILS as to why you died, treated me like a monster for keeping track!!!

#3 - The Inactivity
A few of you only played because you wanted your story in the Capitol. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but let me explain it to you like this:

Several of you literally played your games, joined the Capitol, and did... legit... nothing. I tried to get you involved in the Games, everything from Gamemakers to twists to Sponsorships, and yet most of you were just content to read your own story and do nothing to help me keep the Games alive.

I NEEDED you and so damn many of you just let me down time after time after time and it got to the point I was SEVERELY depressed over the state the Game had become. I mean seriously, nobody is interested anymore. Nobody wants to do anything but win and read their story in the Capitol. That's it.

#4 - The Lack of Support
This in and of itself can be seen in every other point I have made today. If you really liked my series so damn much, it would've been nice to hear it every once in a while. Just saying.

Anyway, my rant is over. Thank you to those who ACTUALLY wanted to play my Games and who made it what they are, but I have been hurt one to many times by the lot of you. Good bye and hope you enjoy playing Stunzer's, and I do mean that.

- Brian
214 days 14 hours ago
Rip Brainjak's Hunger games lol

hope you move on to bigger and better things
214 days 14 hours ago
This needed to be said
I love a good rant, and I love you Jayson. I adored this series and I hope lots of success comes your way in all fields of life beau <3
214 days 14 hours ago
214 days 13 hours ago
Good thing i wasnt any of these
214 days 10 hours ago
I'm devastated. I loved these games. They were so well hosted.
214 days 8 hours ago
Rip. Brain if I ever sounded mean or anything, I never meant it. Truly. I know I complained but I never was rude or continued being rude. These were so much fun, and I had a great time.
213 days 7 hours ago
but i was planning to return soon :(
208 days 6 hours ago
Aw this is sad gl brain
208 days 5 hours ago
wow now how will I ever make my return?
That was literally my game plan, be an iconic once in a while player after I am an already iconic sore loser after Jessie
207 days 12 hours ago
Honestly I loved the time these games were played because every other rp game is being held extremely late for me. The mechanics were simple, yet very interesting and multifarious. I loved your dedication and desire to make all the things work. You are brutally honest about the situations and totally unbiased. I would love to come back for a 16th hunger games tbh, but thats your decision Brian. It's been epic
205 days 3 hours ago
Lol when I have more support for quitting than hosting RIP

Still thank you all for the Skype messages, Mails, and comments. 馃榿

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