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243 days ago
These will be my last Hunger Games. I have loved this series so much, however I am having issues and tbh I'm getting personally hurt by some of the things people in this group have said and done. I can't deal with this shit anymore people.

Between the multis, the other hosts, and the bitter and angry, it's just too much. Some of you have HURT me. BADLY. And I don't see the point in forcing myself through the drama and pain again and again only to be sad when it's finished time after time.

Thank you to those who have made this group great, but this is no ultimatum. This is not some possibility. I'm through. After this Game, I will be kicking everyone from the groups (besides this one)

Thanks for two amazing years and 15 (about to be 16) incredible Games.
243 days ago
238 days 12 hours ago
Thank you Jayson for all that you've done for us in the hosting of these games. You've provided so many wonderful memories that will be among the best I'll ever collect from this site. I wish you luck in life and in your future endeavors, but I still hope that we can remain in contact and still be friends after these games ❤️

- Love, Purple (aka Evelyn the goddess of this series :*)
238 days 11 hours ago
We appreciate everything that you have done and we are thankful that you have done this for us.
238 days 8 hours ago
Thanks brian and honestly you should with the amount of grief you have had. You have survived through thick and thin and you deserve to do something for yourself
238 days 4 hours ago
Thank you for being such a great friend and host, I rly hope we can continue to be friends and I’m very disappointed that the games are ending by I would do the same if contestants were bullying me, I wish no one would bully you but, haters gonna hate

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