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180 days 6 hours ago
Same place you stole his speech
180 days 6 hours ago
What the hell are you talking big about?
180 days 5 hours ago
wow im nomed! ya I kinda saw this coming bc me and others voted out gum and jimmy was mad about that so I saw that this potentially would happen. oh well keep me bc I'm not a cancer doctor and work at mcdonalds so ill make u fat if u keep me but at least u won't have a cancer surgery lmao gl Kyle
179 days 17 hours ago
when is the vote revealed?
179 days 3 hours ago
Hmph. Quick Eviction my ass
178 days 17 hours ago
Alright! I have the results! It took a while to receive all the votes, but I have them now!
178 days 17 hours ago
And we have a tie! 2 votes to evict Kyle, two to evict Issa! So it comes down to Jimmy vote!

Jimmy: “I vote to evict Kyle”

That’s official! Kyle, you have been evicted from the Big Brother Reboot game!
178 days 16 hours ago
Sorry Kyle, :( Odds are I'll regret that.
178 days 15 hours ago
Wow sorry Kyle. Thanks jimmy
178 days 12 hours ago
Bye kyle srry to see you go man but its a game move.
178 days 2 hours ago
Cya Kyle...
177 days 6 hours ago
is this still a thing?
175 days 8 hours ago
six person finals.

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