One Last Haunting

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-- rated for maturity --

   Lakewood, Colorado was once a town full of happiness, energy, and enthusiasm. 20 years ago, a massacre occurred ran by a young adult named Matthew Childs. He was known for his murderous ways and his ruthless tactics on his prey. Once a town full of vibrant colors turned into a town full of scarlet red. The police found the one responsible for these killings, but what they don't know is someone may be back up for it again.

Senior Year. A time for new beginnings and the ending of a very important chapter in these teens lives. The past 3 years they've been fighting the darkness; but now it's coming back to haunt them again. One Last Haunting follows the group of teens we know and love as Matthew and Jason team up for one last massacre. The question last season had was "Who hired Jason & why?" This season will put all your questions to the test as it'll be the most blood packed and gut wrenching season yet,   Is Matthew back to haunt the seniors? Will this town ever have it's happy ending?

Theme :: Trailer

Returning Cast:
- Matthew Childs - played by zachboy967
- Jax Martins - played by zachboy967
- Alex Chambers - played by zachboy967
- Mayor William Tate - played by zachboy967
- Daniel Michaels - played by ZombieKiller2802
- Ronnie Blackwood - played by SirniceGuy
- Luke Adams - played by IceBear
- Steven Michaels - played by bklimas
- Dakota Hemington - played by RyanAndrews
- Sam Mackle - played by spinfur

New Characters:
- Shawn Jelani "S.J" Austin - played by JTThePrince
- Klaire Jaxxon - played by _ivyyy_405
- Brian Kingsly - played by BrainJak
- Ethan Miller - played by rockstar15
- Clay "Loner" Levdownski - played by Praknasty
- Chastity Crawford - played by RyanAndrews
- Silvia Starcatcher - played by pikaplayer
- Evie Emnons - played by mildsalsa
- Jane Brady - played by Crocadilly
- Nora Holloway - played by Chicklet
- Jasmine Johnson - played by crush

Death List:
- Tyler Bardell - death by crash and head chopped off by mysterious figure // EP2
- Supana Churu - death by jugular vein cut // Series Finale Part 2
- Kaito Momota - death by stab in the chest // Series Finale Part 2

Episodes List:

•Season One: Written in Red

Prologue: High Alert
1x02: Hauntings
1x03: Chain Reaction
Season Finale Part 1: Man vs Girl
Season Finale Part 2: Mask of Truth

•Season Two: Stranded in Red

Prologue: Jingle Bells
2x02: Invitation
2x03: Marooned
2x04: Pool of Blood
Season Finale: Coming for YOU!

•Season Three: Camp Greenwood

Prologue: Lakewood Days
3x02: Woody Lane
3x03: Hidden Clues
3x04: One by One
Season Finale: Bloodbath

•Season Four: One Last Haunting

Prologue: Senior Year
4x02: Prison Break
4x03: Crimson Blood
Series Finale: One Last Showdown Part 1
Series Finale: One Last Showdown Part 2

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One Last Haunting

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