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BrainJak's Capitol - Revamped

This Group was created solely for the purpose of keeping a History of the Games, but now, thanks to the Group's success and the assistance of Gamemakers, The Capitol will become an active, enjoyable experience for everyone!

You will recieve up-to-date information concerning Tributes, actions, fights, drama, and more! Capitol Citizens will always know exactly what is going on in the Arena, as it happens.

Past Games -

#1 - Irellia Maraex (kgunzrok) of District 1
#2 - Travis Hobbs (Allyxox) of District 11
#3 - Kendall Meyers (Flamey9999) of District 5
#4 - X (FireX) of District 2
#5 - Flora Occidere (THEChanelOberlin) of District 1
#6 - Piner Linkman (bigdizzleyomama) of District 7
#8 - Annika Dreese (dvs134) of District 2
#9 - Bowser Koopa (pikaplayer) of District 6
#10 - Melissa Moore (Me2013) of District 2
#11 - Amy Wright (Me2013) of District 6
#12 - Samira (kgunzrok) of District 7
#12 - Ryan Lakers (aria_grande) of District 4
#13 - Lena Aimstrong (Ari_) of District 10
#14 - Neko Perro (bigdizzleyomama) of District 3
#15 - Nia Jax (Tadd) of District 3
#16 - Soraka Cloverfield (Tizian) of District 11
#17 - Alaska Lines (SeaViper) of District 6

Main Group:

Recent Updates:
The 16th Hunger Games has been fully Updated!

Coming Soon:
A History of the Past Games

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BrainJak's Capitol - Revamped

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