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1. Between the end of each immunity challenge and me reading the votes, you will have 5 minutes to discuss the vote with others. If you need any extra time, just ask as long as it is not delaying the game too much.

2. If you do not vote at tribal council, you will receive a self-vote. If you reach two self-votes in a row, you will be immediately removed from the game. You will also be removed if you self-vote three times throughout the entire season. If you WANT to vote for yourself for some reason, it will be considered like any other self-vote. If there is a tie, and one person involved in the tie self-voted that vote, they are automatically voted out and no revote is needed.

3. I will remove any player from the game if I see it necessary. This is an online game, do not make it personal. Obviously this changes based on circumstance, but there is a line that cannot be crossed, and I will remove someone if that line is crossed. Just don't do anything absolutely stupid and you should be fine.

4. Idols will be hidden on a board from 1-50, and you may guess once every round. Idol clues will normally be given to the winners of challenges. I have a pre-determined order of which idol clues I send, and you must receive the first one (from me) before you receive the second. Sharing of idol clues with people is allowed, but it does not affect which idol clue I give them if they win a challenge in the future.

5. If you feel like you need to play your idol, you may either message me before the votes are read, or you can play it last second before I read the votes.

6. If an idol is played while on the tribe where it was found, an idol will be re-hidden. This will happen only once, and if two idols from the same tribe are played, no idol will be re-hidden for that tribe.

7. If you are voted out after a certain point in the game, you will join the jury. Make sure you send in a vote for a winner at the end of the game. If there is a tie at final 3, the finalist not involved in the tie will become a member of the jury, and their vote will determine the winner. If need be, the hosts can bring in a backup jury member, which will be the last person voted out before the jury. If you do not send in a jury vote, you will not be able to return to future seasons.

8. Just like any other Survivor game, there will be immunity challenges. If you ever want to give immunity to someone else, please let me know immediately after winning. If a tribe is giving up immunity, it must be a unanimous decision.

9. If you have any questions, just ask! I would be happy to answer any questions that any of you have, without exposing any private information.

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