270 days 23 hours ago
Because I don't care that people lied to me. Multiple people did. You weren't the only one. But we weren't just allies, we were friends. And when you responded to me after the fact, you hurt me deeply. No apology. No anything other than the general response of:

"It's just a game bro"

And you're wrong about a lot of things. For one, I wasn't mad. I was sad and upset. Big difference. Two, I didn't influence anyone. I talked to players to see where their heads were at, what their plans were, and see what was actually going on in the game. Rose, Tashi and Kyle K NEVER EVER came to me and said "What should I do," or anything to that effect. So, that's factually incorrect.
270 days 23 hours ago
Lmfao is AJ really in Jury Questioning? Amazing
270 days 22 hours ago
What's up Bernie!?
270 days 22 hours ago
Damn this is a bitter jury. Lmfao
Alright well congrats on jury guys.
I don't feel like either of you are the best player here but you def played one of the best games in the house and that's why you're there. It might've had a lil bit to do with luck but that's big brother.
Anyways I pretty much understand both of your strategies and all that bullshit but what I wanna know is how well you got to know the jury and what you think about the jury soo my question will have 3 parts.
I want 3 different lists

Ethan Bean
Kyle Kanto

Each of them should have every member of the jury

#1. Can you rank the jury on who you personally like the most & who you wanted to see win if you didn't win?
You can add an explaination for some if you'd like.

#2. Can you rank the jury on who you think played the best game?
You can add an explaination for some if you'd like.

#3. Can you tell me 3 personal things you've learned about each person of the jury? (For Example - I'm a stoner)

Also here's a couple extra part questions bc whynot.

Did you enjoy Ikahs House the entire time?

Was there any moments you didn't like?

If you replayed this game, would you change anything or would you play it exactly how you played this game?

Do you think Ikah is a good host and should host another season or is he just a sad clown?

Okay I'm done
270 days 20 hours ago
#3. Can you tell me 3 personal things you've learned about each person of the jury? (For Example - I'm a stoner)

lmao if they can tell me one thing they learned about me ill laugh
270 days 11 hours ago
Bernie I’ll have your homework assignment of a question done at my lunch break and I’ll even address AJ
270 days 10 hours ago
Wazzzzzup boyz tbh mostly everyone on the jury are haters. They think you guys are the worst possible Final 2, but I think this is a great F2. You guys both played a great game and it was privilege to play with you guys. I remember on the first week Ethan M won HOH and at the time I didn’t know there was two Ethans playing, so I message you Ethan W first 😂😂😂. Tbh i had no choice to align with you because of my mistake. I’m glad I made it. Joey you had a Russell Westbrook profile pic at one point and I like basketball too, so that’s y I liked you at first. I really don’t have a question for you two. Ik how both of you.
Stares at the Jury: At one point you guys at an opportunity to get rid of one of the ppl in the Final 2, but instead you evict person that just constantly lied and sucked at comps, which you could’ve easily evicted in the near future. Now you guys are complaining about how bad this Final 2 is, like really. You guys literally had a chance and you blew it.
270 days 8 hours ago
I gotta agree with Ryan. We all had plenty of opportunity to evict them, and we didn't. We are part of the reason they are there. They played a decent game imo.
270 days 7 hours ago
Who I like the most.

Some people I didn’t talk much or were out a long time ago so just based off limited exposure to your personalities basically.

1. Ryan
2. Kyle K
3. Bernie
4. Billy
5. Tashi
6. Jaron
7. Ethan Bean
8. JT
9. Rose
10. Kyle G
11. Tim

Who played the best game. Basically I’ll think about this as if everyone made the end, the likelihood I’d vote for that person. It’s hard to compare the early jury members but I’ll try.

1. Kyle K
2. Tim
3. Bernie
4. Billy
5. Ryan
6. Ethan Bean
7. Tashi
8. Jaron
9. Rose
10. JT
11. Kyle G

3 things about each person, some are obvious lol some are more specific.

Tashi - is in college, is Asian, says period a lot
Kyle - got 3 matches on tinder, made a chart for this season, works at a grocery store
Bernie - picks berries for money, smokes weed to help chronic pain, really likes that wet wet picture of the cartoon fucking the girl or whatever
Tim - gets mad a lot, doesn’t like Tashi, is very cryptic and vague when he doesn’t trust you lol
Billy - works pumping gas at I think a wawa, funny/chill guy, thinks Rose is weird
Rose - she’s nice, started hosting her own BB game, don’t think she trusted me after I voted out aj lol
Jaron - cool guy, from my original season, I think we just talked about strategy mainly tho
JT - didn’t talk to much but seems cool and he really wanted slothy not to get last lol
Ryan - sports fan, started working with me because he thought I was the other Ethan who won hoh week 1 lol, fun to talk to and strategize with
Ethan - good name, came up with the name wet Ethan I think, seemed like a fun person to play with
Kyle G - started some drama when he was nominated, entertaining, we didn’t talk much

Did I enjoy Ikah’s house/what I didn’t enjoy:
For the most part, but I didn’t like how long the season took and how we started with 20 players including some questionable inclusions as “all stars”.

I enjoyed playing with most people on a personal level, it was a fun cast.

Would I change anything about my game?

Someone else asked this too and I would only change strengthen my social bonds with some of the jury members I talked to less. Since I made the end and have at least a chance to win I wouldn’t change any decisions.

Ikah’s a good host, but he seems too busy now to host any more seasons now that’s he’s in college. When I started college I stopped hosting except for the summers so I understand lol.
270 days 7 hours ago
That’s @Bernie.
270 days 7 hours ago
AJ, I evicted you because Ryan was one of my closest allies and potentially my #1. I would have saved you over anyone other than him and Joey, and maybe Jaron.

I would have apologized more but I didn’t appreciate getting like 10 unhinged messages in a row from you trying to guilt me for voting you out. I don’t feel bad about it and it was the right decision for me. Proven by me and Ryan being on the block a few rounds later, and me staying nearly unanimously. If he was out, and I was nommed against Joey, I would have been out.

And I know you didn’t influence the game. You merely attempted to. I’m still here so it’s obvious you weren’t successful.

Let’s not pretend you wouldn’t have evicted me over Rose, or maybe Tashi, or maybe others. We were allies, but don’t act like we had a Final 2 deal or something. I still think you took the game way too seriously, and need to take a deep breath or something because none of this shit is that serious.
270 days 4 hours ago
Okay, here’s my thing. You didn’t have to lie to me about it. If you would’ve been straight up and said “Look, I’m voting you out,” I would’ve been sad but I at least wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Two, I tried to influence the game? Lmao, that’s comical. The only thing to that effect that could even possibly be interpreted to that was me saying, “If it were me, I’d want Ethan out” with a laughing emoji. That was not me saying, “You should try and get Ethan out, he’s a threat,” that was me saying “I’m pissed at Ethan and would love the chance to get him out if I could.”

The only person who I would’ve evicted you over was Rose. But I would’ve been straight up with you if I did that, and you know for a fact that I would’ve, considering I did the same thing to Leo in your Survivor and told him point blank.

In the end, it doesn’t change the fact that you threw away a friendship to win an online game. You don’t even get the excuse of it being a sudden decision because from what I’ve been told your alliance made that decision relatively early in the voting window.

And “apologized more”? You never even did as much as send a sorry. So don’t come at me with that crap.

You also neglected to include my name in Bernie’s lists, so tell me where I’d be. Please and no thank you.
270 days 4 hours ago
Oh, and I 100% told Kyle Kanto my song in the Evicted Houseguest Song Challenge. I’m not even gonna hide that.
269 days 20 hours ago
If any of you guys would like to give me a gift for my vote your more then welcome too
269 days 20 hours ago
I have a question for Joey, I'm not mad at you for evicting me, but I was just curious on why you did evict me. Also for both Ethan and Joey, how loyal were you guys going to be to me?

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