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271 days 17 hours ago
What did you learn from your first season of zombies survivor and how did that help implement your strategy this game? I’m not gonna lie I have not read it all yet so if something along those lines has been asked I will ask, What was your biggest move.

LOL, I appreciate the honesty. What I learned from my first season (which is in my speech lmaooo) is that I don't always need to be in control, I can't get people to play my game if they can't see me working into their game, and that if you are the top/ forefront of an alliance/ perceived as making the big moves, you are next on the chopping block. I also realized that it was okay to be selfish and to play for myself. This is the first game that I've played where I used an idol on myself instead of an ally, and focused solely on what I needed to get further. In Gang Wars, I made moves that benefitted us as a collective, not me specifically. Targeting Conrad to save Billy for you was my fatal mistake in Gang Wars and I was presented with the exact same dilemna here. For us, I could've gunned for Juan that vote but instead, I went for what made sense to me, and took out your Ethan (Cow) this game and how I played that vote by making you think you were the target (which is also mentioned above in the Rose response) was my biggest move.


271 days 4 hours ago
I mean I think the point is being missed. EVERYONE came in here with pre-existing relationships like that was inevitable because we represent 4 seasons (plus a lot of us have seen each other in other games), it isn't exclusive to me. Cody and Cow I Billy Patrick and Hufus I Hufus  Cow and You I Me and Kiara I Juan and Ester I Washed and Keith I  Kiara and Logan I Patrick and Conrad


What a king, just wanna point out real quick though that me and King Conrat actually never met until this game LMFAO
271 days 3 hours ago
271 days 2 hours ago

In theory, no one should be able to sell ice to an Eskimo. In practicality, selling ice to an Eskimo doesn't reflect on the skills of the seller but the stupidity of the Eskimos. I think this cast had a lot of Eskimos, and this specific f3 has two Eskimos and one seller. I was really hoping an all stars season would have had a polar bear for a winner, but we saw those single digit tribals.

My vote for the winner of the second installment of Revivor, because this was not Survivor, will unfortunately have to go to the seller. Good luck you three. Love and respect
271 days 2 hours ago
hey guys! i’m coming into this to ask my FAVORITE QUESTION OF ALL TIME!

name a fact about EACH. AND EVERY. juror. personal facts! what you’ve learned about them. xoxo luv you guys!

DISCLAIMER: I didn't get to know many of you on a personal level so I probably won't answer many of these accurately but I will do my best. My game was not centered around personal connections so I may not be great at this. Also I won't be fake and pretend to know people. If I don't know you then I just don't.

Kevin - I know he likes coffee but only uses a Keurig and he was taking a summer class the same tim I was at the beginning of the season.

Tim - I genuinely don't know. Tim has me blocked so I have no way of talking to him lol

Pietro - Surprisingly we never had too many personal conversations even in Graveyard despite working together but I know he played Trinity survivor and won even though he was on the out at final 6. Pietro has been someone I've seen around the site for awhile and always respected which is why I was so willing to work with him in that season and this one. I'm genuinely shocked we havent talked more.

Jake - I don't know much about Jake either cause we've never really worked together. I know he won M&Ns because I wanted to work with him but sadly he got out first which is what led to me targeting him in this game and ultimately cutting our conversation all together.

Rose - Rose is very hard to get to know on a personal level and much of that is my own fault so I will just say I simply don't know.

Logan - He went on vacation during the game but hit himself in the eye with a hangar and made me panic because I thought he blinded himself or something and refused to go to the doctor lmao. His cats names are Snickerdoodle and Scar who had kittens named Mayhem and Mischief. Snickerdoodle was the reason he hurt his eye I think because she was getting fixed after having the new kittens. They are literally the cutest things and I want to steal them. Logan knows I really bonded with him on a personal level which I think shows how I was able to bond with people but I wanted my conversations to be natural and with people I simply enjoy talking to and he was one of those people.

Nathan - I know you like Shuichi better than Maki which is a choice. I know you're also a very outgoing person simply based on how we really met. You came up to me and immediately talked about finding my voodoo because of how much drama I was bringing. We also didn't talk too much on a personal level but I think we vibed without even getting deep in conversation and for me those bonds are way better than forced vulnerability.

Robin - King of supporting BLM and all things good. He suggested several shows for me to get into like totem poll because we talked about Total Drama in reference to our game. Also I just realized I met Robin way back in another game where he was just going into college and lived in Georgia while I was a junior in High school which is kinda wild to see where we are now both in life and on Tengaged. I think we talked more in that game than this one but I didn't realize how long it's been. It makes me realize I've grown up so much through my 6 years on this site and It's so cool to see people grow with me. Nothing but respect for you Robin <3

Patrick - He is an education major like me and we bonded over our fear of teaching Elementary students LMAO. I know he is engaged to another amazing future educator (I love all my future educators). I recently learned he likes Kingdom Hearts which means he has fantastic taste and I know he's an OG on this site and probably one of the few who I stands out to me as a real person if that makes sense? Often times people come on here to escape from life so they kinda put on a face but I feel like Pat doesn't do that and it's refreshing to see.

Billy - I know he's playing the 1985 right now and we talked about how he likes ORGs but recognizes they're more work and more stressful. We didn't get to talk a ton this game because I just didn't wanna talk to him and be fake just to vote him out (twice).

Cody - I know he likes sports but the most memorable conversation we had was about the big incident in M&Ns. Cody was able to help me get closure on the situation and really made me feel good in that area. If you don't know much about that I'd rather not talk about it publicly because there's so much stress and emotional trauma that's involved so feel free to PM me.

Hufus - He's from Brazil I believe, I know he speaks Portuguese and some Spanish as well because we talked about how many assume Spanish is the main language over there. Also the politics where he lives is super interesting and that's something I always loved talking to him and learning about because as an American I oftne fall into the bubble thinking we are the only ones that matter (toxic - i know). Strangely enough he and I didn't talk a ton either cause there was always a divide but I know he's a big name in the group game community so I've always been afraid to let myself get close and work with him.

Ryan - He takes breaks like me on tengaged during school because this site is simply too much lmao and he also wokred at a gas station over the summer. Apart from that we mostly had a game-relationship which is why i feared him so much. I knew he was capable and a good player.

Gavin - He works in some sort of kitchen if I remember correctly and is in school but I don't remmeber what for, Business maybe? I know I thought he worked as a teacher or something though and got excited but my dumbass learned he's an online college student LMAO. He also stans All the right people: Nicole F (well pre season at least), Victoria Baamonde, Aurora from EoE, Brandon Richie, these things really made me gravitate toward him right aaway and helped us bond for the entire game.
271 days 1 hour ago

compare each juror to not a fast food place, but an item ON THE MENU at a fast food place. ty!!


Okay maybe this goes against what you really are lookign for but I kinda love the idea of abiguity with this question so I won't be explaining many of my answers cause it makes it more fun to me.

Kevin - Dave's Double from Wendy's but only the burger without a combo meal.

Tim - Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Popeyes

Jake - A Mcdouble with no cheese and a sprite but nuggets instead of a side of fries

Pietro - Wendy's 40 nugget deal that they sometimes have with a large frosty and no sides.

Rose - Idk if y'all have been to Crystals but she reminds me of the sliders (mini-burgers I guess) that they are known for (also I think Crystals is similar to WHite Castle if you know that)

Logan - Dairy queen cookie dough blizzard

Nathan - Italian foot long from subway

Robin - Bic Mac with Dr. Pepper and spicy nuggets

Patrick - Venti Cookie Crumble Frappucino from Starbucks

Billy - $5 foot long of the roasted chicken sub or whatever it's called

Cody - Chicken Tenders from Crackerbarrel with two sides of regular fries.

Hufus - Wendy's Frosty-cino without ice/light ice so that there's more drink for what you pay

Ryan - Arbys 4 for 4 thing, doesn't matter what sliders you get.

Gavin - Chick-Fil-a 10pc nuggets with waffle fries and a Dr. pepper
271 days 1 hour ago
270 days 18 hours ago
David- My man Davey boy, I thought me and you were tight all game before I left. And I still have a lot of respect for you but I will say, I think that you made a mistake in not taking ethann out of this game when you had the chance, during the early merge Me,you,Hufus,Cow and Ryan had the “Tired alliance” and I am certain that you both leaked that to Ethann because he told me y’all did. From the outside looking in seemed like you were doing Ethanns bidding, Ethan said jump, you said how high. So my question is please tell me why I am wrong about that assumption.


It is true that I told Ethan about the Tired alliance but to say I did his bidding I think doesn't ring true to what I was doing. I have worked hard to have several "parachute alliances" that I could turn to in order to get whatever I wanted done. THere was me and Gavin, Me and Ryan, Me and Logan, Me and Pat, Me and Robin to name a few. I was able to make connections outside Ethan while still making him feel close by tewllign him info liek that alliance which I figured would get leaked anyway. Not to mention I had no intentions of ever taking you/Hufus/Cow to finals because I knew y'all were the best players in the merge.
I also was so outspoken about my targets which allowed me to really guide who went home in several cases without having to spend any social capital. For example Jake I feel fell victim to my outward targeting and I never really pushed his name in PMS. Same thing happened with Rose when she was the easy name to bring up after Ethan revealed his idol. I think what really sets me apart from Ethan is taking my game to the front and using that as a strategy which keeps my strategic game hidden better and ultimately put me in the best position at final 5.
Again, I will admit not taking Ethan out at 5 was a mistake but I already spoke to that in Gavin's question and I do think I still played a better game than him.
270 days 18 hours ago

- I genuinely don't know. Tim has me blocked so I have no way of talking to him lol
270 days 18 hours ago
Okay, I believe thats all!

Even if I lose I wanna say thanks to everyone. This is probably my last group game on here and I had such a blast. Y'all were so fun to play with and argue/fight with all in one lmao. I know that no matter which three of us win, it will be a good winner and a great season.

Ikah, Thank you for having me and I hope I brought the drama that you expected because I did try my best.

Stay safe, wear a mask, BLM.

Thank you!
270 days 18 hours ago
Oh and thank you Tim in particular lmao. You live rent free in my head and you are such a fun rival. LIterally you had more impact on this season than Ester who made it to jury *sips tea*
270 days 18 hours ago
to merge i mean*

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