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Emotions Survivor: Panama - Exile Island


Congratulations to Tony M. (tonym101101) on winning Survivor: Palau!

We are off the coast of Panama on a remote island that will play a dramatic role in the lives of our 16 survivors over the next 39 days. This is Exile Island.Each week at least one survivor will be banished here. Separated from their tribe, they'll have no idea what's going on at camp and they'll be forced to live alone until they return to the game. But there is a silver lining to exile island. It's a mystery that could help one of the survivors win the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. It is a twist like never before turning strategy on it's head. These 16 Americans have already begun the adventure of a lifetime. They have been divided into 4 tribes. Each with 4 members. They are strangers from different walks of life. Forced to work together to create a new society, while battling the elements and eachother. They must learn to adapt or they'll be voted from the tribe. In the end only one will remain to claim the gift prize.


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Palau Reunion
78 postsCreated by Emotion on 1700 days 12 hours ago
Last post by omggiraffe
969 days 13 hours ago
6 postsCreated by Emotion on 1945 days 11 hours ago
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1700 days 6 hours ago
Final Tribal Council
41 postsCreated by Emotion on 1702 days 3 hours ago
Last post by pikaplayer
1700 days 11 hours ago
69 postsCreated by Emotion on 1705 days 7 hours ago
Last post by Zuelke
1702 days 4 hours ago
Rights of Passage
15 postsCreated by Emotion on 1705 days 7 hours ago
Last post by Zuelke
1702 days 7 hours ago

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  1. Immunity Challenge #91711 days 8 hours ago
  2. Fire Making Challenge1727 days 14 hours ago
  3. Immunity Challenge #101749 days 7 hours ago
  4. Immunity Challenge #101924 days 10 hours ago

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Emotions Survivor: Panama - Exile Island

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