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23 days 3 hours ago
~September of 1660~
Selene: *Would stand in the center of town glancing as everyone walks past her she would play with the end of her hair as she sees the families with children pass*
~Melody, Kitty, Talutah, and Kristen would stand behind her with 3 other ladies obviously sirens~
Kristen: There’s no use looking...we’ve searched for one Selene for years. We just have to deal with it.
Selene: *Glances back at her* I won’t.. he’s here in this town I feel it. We are suppose to be here my sisters. Out youngest are close to maturity and we need to continues on for our species. So we can find our way back home
Kitty: *Looks at her naively and intent to listen to the information she is spewing*
Talutah: Ze witches took our home
Selene: Yes Tal they did...but not all they took. They took the only way we are able to reproduce
*Selene turns back to the town seeing the people exit shops*
One more call for the day that’s all I ask of you
*She looks at the sirens and they would all stand together and sing a carol in the courtyard of town amplifying their siren song to call upon a Genie*
Young Boy: *Would run up as soon as he hears the singing* MOM LOOK! They are back
Mother: LINCOLN. Stop running off like that it’s not safe out here right now
*She runs up behind him and grabs his arm pulling him along*
~From Afar Chad would be seen watching the women from afar his eyes would lock with Selene before he walks into the Local Pub which is the Diner now present day~
Selene: I think it’s working ladies keep it up...
*Selene reassure them walking in the Pub following her instinct*
Chad: *Would turn around staring at Selene*
You’ve guys have been calling me for ages...I thought Sirens died
Selene: No we are very much alive we take longer to age but when we reach full maturity we won’t die til our voice is sniffed...but I need your help
*She immediately approaches him in desperation*
Chad: A wish it’s what everyone wants....*Turns looking at Selene his eyes glowing blue* I know a lot of things but the question is what you seek worth the repercussions. The home you seek can’t be brought back that is beyond my Powers.
Selene: I know the witch who did it was one of the finest when it came to spell work but for my kind im willing to do anything no matter the repercussions. A Chance is all we seek
Chad: *Looks at her keeping his hands in his coat pockets* I’ll be around so stop your singing...I’ll come to you
*He gets up walking out*
Selene: *Watches him walking out*
23 days 3 hours ago
~Months Later: January 1661~
~Selene is seen standing with the other woman~
*A Cloaked Chad would stand in front of them*
Chad: Your wish...
Selene: *Looks at the girls holding their hands* We wish for fertility to reproduce to ensure our Siren Line can continue on
*She smiles looking at the girls confidently*
Chad: *Hears the wish snapping*
~A Blue Aura would shoot out of him and his skin turning saggy and decrepit. The Aura would loom over them splitting and entering the bodies of the sirens as the wish activates~
Your wish has been granted...enjoy what you have now.
*He would slowly walkout before vanishing*
Selene: *Looks at the girls and a new feeling in each of their bodies* I think it might’ve worked
*She smiles looking at the younger Sirens Kitty Melody and Talutah*
You know what this means...more family. We won’t be alone anymore we have the chance to be normal and start families...
Talutah: *Confused* Wiz thee mortals
Selene: Yes or with anyone creature you want
Talutah: *Smiles to herself thinking of her hot hunk she has waiting at home*(Spoiler he dies)
Chad: *A faint mumble would be heard as Chad snaps once more his face slowly erasing from their minds*
*The girls would all smile to each other not knowing the Jinn they made a bargain with would surely come back for that power*

~As the Jin was locked in the Ascendant and 5 of the sirens were taken and placed as beacons to lure the supernatural to Hartford. Selene White was lost her Husband Neal White a practical witch of the White family line tried to use magic to free his wife but the Canigula magic was far to strong. The young daughter continued on the Siren line passing on the Siren Song thru generations til it was awakened in thee Seren White~
23 days 2 hours ago
~November 15th 2019~

*Walks into school her skin paler then usual she would feel restless and drained*
Monte: *Looks at Star* You ok there Twinkle
Star: *Looks at the memorial for tommy at his locker* Listen here Douchebag Go help your boyfriend
*Star looks down the hall seeing James*
He doesn’t look very well. And since the pupper died I haven’t been feeling very well
Monte: *Runs a hand through his hair*
Well that’s too bad I feel what’s our next scheme!
Star: *Slams Her Locker shut and looks at him pushing him away*
Give me a break ash mouth I just told you I’m tired
*Star shakes her head at him walking away*
Monte: *Looks at her and Claps his hand*
~Stars vision would go black and shrieks of terror would be heard and her vision would come back she would see the dark visible pits of hell surrounding her would be demons~
Monte: Demon Law and our contract SAY! The fun doesn’t stop unless I say so Star
*He begins laughing*
Star: *Looks at him with disgust and purple flamed shackles would surround her wrist like they did Ike, Tommy, Imani, Hattie, and James during her spell to summon the demon Siphon* HEY I didn’t sign up for this shit
Monte: Your life...your connected to me now all your power comes to me. The reason we need to keep having fun is because you need a replacement
*Monte Would grin deviously*
If not you’ll be drained like the other two humans. Whom I’m surprised haven’t dropped dead yet. Especially that Hattie she was weak willed but seems better than you as of now.
Star: *Breathes heavily the sights of hell scaring her* GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW
*She pulls at her shackles*
Monte: Hold up to your contract and we will WITCH.
*He claps and they would appear as they were in the hallway*
Star: *Turns back slowly glancing back at Monte who smiles and gives her a Brief wave and she walks off spooked bumping into Estelle*
Estelle: *Would get a triggered look on her face and she would look at Star blankly*
Star: *Looks at her brushes past her down the hall*
Estelle: *Watches her go the only thing in her mind is the Spell Book She originally stole from Tempest*
23 days 2 hours ago
*Looks at the Vile of Blood that he collected from Tempest’s blood curse*
I think I can find out who cursed her.
Paisley: We are all finally getting along. Do we need to stir things up?
Levi: It’s like that one saying one rotten apple ruins the bunch. We got to remove the cancer before it gets a chance to kill us!
Paisley: *She looks away knowing he is right* We have to handle it properly though. Maybe they did it to mess with Tempest you know she is kind of rough around the edges
Levi: Maybe it was Cam he has been on edge lately. Maybe he isn’t as dumb as we thought
Paisley: No, no that’s just Cam. But he has been acting weird since he’s been hanging with Hali.
Levi: Just about as pale as her
*he grins and looks through family Grimoire before cloaking them*
After someone stole the last pages I’m not letting it happen again.
Paisley: *Looks at his cloak the books feeling some trust has been built between the two as he openly did the spell Infront of her* Tell you to have Pip watch over them but all the familiars have been MIA
Levi: Yea...I need to try and call him soon. I need Jepson to help me with this locator spell to.
*He looks at her*
We need to do a locator on the Jinn to. Try to catch his ass soon.
Paisley: I think Cameron and Denise are devising on a plan for that soon.
Levi: Good. Only if the town knew what we were dealing with they wouldn’t be looking for those missing children
Paisley: They are calling the guy the Candyman.
Levi: pshh stupid
*He walks off*
^Theyll all be calling me mighty one after I get this bastard back in his ascendant^

*Walks up next to Ike*
Ike: *Sees him glancing up at him*
Mitch: Hey. Heard about Tommy
Ike: *Looks at him* is the connection to the other wolves always that strong.
Mitch: *Looks down* Yea..when Aaron and Jinny died we all felt it the pain they went through. Aaron’s jaw
Ike: *Looks at him his eyes red as the Alpha wants to pop out* I felt my head explode..just like his and it’s not fair.
Mitch: I wish I could help more but I can’t when I sensed you Imani and Tommy. I thought the pack would be bigger.
*He places a hand on Ike’s shoulder sending a calming feeling to him and Ike’s eyes would shift to normal*
Ike: *Looks around* it still could be ya know I don’t like this whole Alpha thing and now it’s only me and Imani..
Mitch: *Shakes his head* I dont know if it could that night when we were out in the woods you and your pack were marked with Dark Aura as well. Just like Stars.
Ike: what’s that suppose to mean?
Mitch: It means there’s something dark surrounding you and that’s not letting us merge into one pack.
Ike: *Looks at him thinking about the conversation he had with Star at the bonfire about her choosing an alpha* Yea I do you know so much about this?
Mitch: A big boobed witch has helped me throughout this whole process I just want to try and make it easier for us. We can probably figure something out
*He pats Ike on the back finally walking off*
23 days 2 hours ago
~This Episode is Looking to Be Open Thursday the 21st of November and will close possibly the Next Day Friday with a Possible Finale Saturday. Nothing is set in stone I’ll mail you guys soon and ask about availability before any final decisions are made~
23 days 1 hour ago
(talutah is my favorite)
23 days 1 hour ago
(sirens: can we have babies
witches: no
sirens: why
witches: because go fuck yourself)
22 days 12 hours ago
(ike when mitch mentioned the big-boobed witch)
17 days 6 hours ago
~This Episode~
Today: Chad is Throwing his annual Chad Bash. Booze and Bud will all be provided show up to interact. Festivities will kick off at 5 PM PAC 8 PM EST 12 PM GMT . Task Will Be Mailed Out for some possible action. (May send some information out before episode opens)
Tomorrow: Free Day Task will be Mailed out and two possible events before Closing Scenes

*Episode Will Be Open At 4 PM PAC 7 PM EST TODAY
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~You may Post~
16 days 23 hours ago
*Melody sits alone in the diner with some food, collecting her thoughts. Her memories of long ago are slowly starting to return, but not as much as she'd like.*

M: "So... it was about... s-something about children..."
16 days 23 hours ago
Mitch walks around town
16 days 23 hours ago
Talutah is at the diner, sitting at a booth and zoning out into a window.
16 days 23 hours ago
*paisley walks around*
^My squirrel hasn;t been around in a while... It better not be slacking^

*monte whistles as he walks a smirk on his face*
16 days 23 hours ago
*Hali walks through town feeling magical with a slight urge to feed*
^You can’t do it again you can’t...but maybe you can^
16 days 23 hours ago
*She sees Talutah and moves her stuff over to her.*

M: "Talutah, hello... what is it you are thinking about?"

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