CC's Danganronpa

CC's Danganronpa has ended. You may review the history here.

-FHO (Future Hope Organization)-
• Carson Rogers, Ultimate Neon Demon [18, Male, ninjohn | Research and Development]
• Fuyashi Kyoujiba, Ultimate Debater [16, Female, tyboy618 | Research and Development Head]
• Hokkyo [???, Female, ccwagu | All]
• Kaiousei Kepura, Leader of FHO and Ultimate Astrophysicist [67, Female, z3ro | All]
• Midori Ando, Ultimate Tessenjutsu [18, Female, UnicornGoddess98 | New Application Head]
• Miyuki "Miyu" Uemoto, Ultimate Producer [18, Female, SirNiceGuy | Post-Rescue]
• Tetsuo Yagami, Ultimate Public Speaker [36, Male, SirNiceGuy | Application]
• Tito Álvarez, Ultimate Songwriter [18, Male, tyboy618 | New Post-Rescue Head]

-Former SSoFF/FHO Members-
• Antonio Vincente, Ultimate Mascot [13, Male, ninjohn]
• Hibana Funakoshi, Ultimate Knife Thrower [17, Female, MattLovesAmerica]
• Liliya Vasylyuk, Ultimate Graffiti Burner [15, Female, Absol]

-Deceased Characters-
• Chizuru Ruyrai, Ultimate Bard, bled out in solitary confinement [CH1, bigdizzleyomama]
• Mitsuru Daigo, Ultimate Shoemaker, cause of death unknown [CH1, ccwagu]
• Saoi Machin, Ultimate Adversity, decapitated [CH2, WestTemp]
• Kasandora Petunia, Ultimate Researcher, fate unknown [CH2, Flamey9999]
• Kyle Gutten, Ultimate Drug Dealer, drowned in pool [CH3, bigdizzleyomama]
• Nao Ako, Ultimate Forger, drowned in cleaning agent [CH4, Maladus1]
• Kiamoko Isubi, Ultimate Dreamer, hit in head with gym weight [CH4, coolKat]
• Cyrus Nygma, Ultimate Chess Master, shot in head by Midori [CH4, Dejaman]
• Chieko Sasori, Ultimate Anthropologist, fatal spinal damage [CH5, AintItFun]
• Shinobu Watanabe, Ultimate Gardener, fate unknown [CH5, SirNiceGuy]
• Kyou Naki, Ultimate Martial Artist, neck slit [CH6, spinfur]
• Inazari Nikimora, Ultimate Actress, fate unknown [CH6, kgunzrok]
• Rikako Tsunakake, Post-Rescue Head, shot in head by Toma [CH7, ccwagu]
• Haruna Taki, shot in the head by Shizuko [CH7, coolexchangestudent]
• Shizuko Kirishima, Ultimate Cryptologist, shot self in head [CH7, ccwagu]
• Takumi Nobushige, Rescues Head, killed by invading force [EPILOGUE, Absol]
• Bronte Sadayoshi, Ultimate Genealogist, hit by grenade [EPILOGUE, ninjohn]
• Jiro Iwasa, Ultimate Tattoo Artist, shot self [EPILOGUE, spinfur]
• Toma Fujita, Ultimate Journalist, poisoned by Kaiousei [EPILOGUE, Logie56]

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