Survivor: China - Clash of Clans

Congratulations to Raul M. (MrBird) on winning Survivor: Easter Island!

3 are left...who will be crowned Sole Survivor?

Over the course of tengaged there have been plenty of great survivor series.  There have been series that have faltered... some that have been mediocre... and some that have prospered to great heights to the point they're well known among tengaged.  Alas, the group game community has taken a large hit over the past couple years and with numbers dwindling, this may be the last chance to see a season like this exist.

A war is coming with two armies marching into battle.  The first known as BigBen's Brigade that has reached it's thirty-fourth season and is known for simple survivor twists but with plenty of intense gameplay.  The second known as M&N's Militia that has reached it's twenty-third season and is known for having some overbearing twists but has produced some of the strongest group gamers on the site.  This is one war to keep an eye on as the twists this season can prove to be a game changer.  39 Days! 24 Castaways! One Sole Survivor!

Guangzhou (Black Buffs):
Ian S. (Saftronbtr999)
Ray G. (GentlemanG)
Dylan O. (DBWs)

24th: Ethan H. (Ethan000) #SecondChancer [BigBen's Brigade] (7-4-1)
23rd: Alan D. (AlanDuncan) #Failure [M&N's Militia] (8-3-1)
22nd: John B. (Jxhn) #Wildcard [M&N's Militia] (7-2-1-1)
21st: Jake S. (tundrahenry101) #Hero [M&N's Militia] (7-1-1-1)
20th: Noah K. (noah_kondon) #Outcast [BigBen's Brigade] (5-5-1/7-1)
19th: James R. (J2999) #PhysicalThreat [M&N's Militia] (4-4/3-3/Drew Purple Rock)
-----TRIBE SWAP-----
18th: Eli O. (EliOrtiz1234) #RunnerUp [M&N's Militia/BigBen's Brigade] (3-2-1)
17th: Chanel T. (THEChanelOberlin) #MostEntertaining [BigBen's Brigade/OldNewz's Outcasts] (3-3/3-1)
16th: Kamani W. (Seven_Ikonique) #SecondChancer [M&N's Militia/OldNewz's Outcasts] (2-2-1/2-1)
15th: Livingston H. (noobsmoke13) #Newcomer [BigBen's Brigade/BigBen's Brigade] (4-1)
14th: Sean P. (Caliboy) #RunnerUp [BigBen’s Brigade/OldNewz’s Outcasts] (3-1)
13th: Chris B. (Mybash_) #Outcast [M&N's Militia/OldNewz’s Outcasts] (2-1)
-----MERGE AND JURY-----
12th: Andrew T. (turney1805) #Newcomer [M&N's Militia/OldNewz’s Outcasts/Guangzhou] (6-5) - 1st Member of the Jury
11th: Andrea O. (IceIceBaby) #Failure [BigBen's Brigade/BigBen's Brigade/Guangzhou] (9-1) - 2nd Member of the Jury
10th: Brandon R. (brandonrichie) #CultLeader [BigBen's Brigade/M&N's Militia/Guangzhou] (5-4) - 3rd Member of the Jury
9th: Absolita P. (Absol) #Underdog [M&N's Militia/BigBen's Brigade/Guangzhou] (5-2-1) - 4th Member of the Jury
8th: Eric M. (awwsum11) #Hero [BigBen's Brigade/M&N's Militia/Guangzhou] (4-3-0(0)) - 5th Member of the Jury
7th: Kasey H. (Kaseyhope101) #Wildcard [BigBen's Brigade/M&N's Militia/Guangzhou] (4-3) - 6th Member of the Jury
6th: Hufus D. (Hufus) #CultLeader [M&N's Militia/M&N's Militia/Guangzhou] (3-3/2-2/Drew Purple Rock) - 7th Member of the Jury
5th: Dana M. (TotsTrashy) #Villain [M&N's Militia/BigBen's Brigade/Guangzhou] (3-2) - 8th Member of the Jury
4th: Jojo F. (jojo7784) #Villain [BigBen's Brigade/Newz's Outcasts/Guangzhou] (2-2/1-1/Lost FMC) - 9th Member of the Jury
-----FINAL THREE-----
Second Runner-up: Ian S. (Saftronbtr999) #Underdog [BigBen's Brigade/M&N's Militia/Guangzhou] - Received 0 votes to win
Runner-up: Dylan O. (DBWs) #MostEntertaining [M&N's Militia/BigBen's Brigade/Guangzhou] - Recieved 3 votes to win
Sole Survivor: Ray G. (GentlemanG) #PhysicalThreat [BigBen's Brigade/M&N's Militia/Guangzhou] - Recieved 4 votes to win

Skype of the three hosts:
OldNewz -> oldnewz12
Pieguy555 -> Pieguy555 [Eagle Pic]
BigBen1996 ->

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