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7 days 22 hours ago
But not on me!! I see how it is, David ;)
7 days 22 hours ago
Bedtime for me. One last THANK YOU TO EVERYONE even if you didn鈥檛 vote me 馃槃 goodnight and hope to see everyone around!
7 days 22 hours ago
Thank you everyone for playing! This was a blast of a season from start to finish.

With that being said, the reunion is now over!
7 days 17 hours ago
Walks in sees the invisible won walks out in disappointment
7 days 16 hours ago
Thanks Mike and Newz for bringing me back love you both x

grats to Kara on her win and Dana and my pet noob David on making ftc <3

so honoured that I won Pre-Merger of the season <3 Was trying to make it further but my tribe was a bunch of pussies...even though I loved most of them.

and lastly ew that Bigben1996 was here... still a loser ;)
7 days 16 hours ago
I鈥檓 bald
I鈥檓 so happy for Kara <3
7 days 10 hours ago
Congrats again Kara!
5 days 19 hours ago
526 days 7 hours agoAvatar20
LOL hmu for a heroes vs villains season

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