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8 days 2 hours ago
Congrats you three!

Dana: What were your real intentions by messaging me so much up until tribal council the round I went home? It kind of felt unnecessary if you already knew you were voting for me. And while you may not have known I would have gone home that tribal, it feels weird to me after the fact that you would try and "make plans" with me while knowing in the back of your head what you were potentially doing by voting for me. It just comes off a little fake. I also didn't appreciate the way you handled the situation while the votes were being read and after I was voted out. I tried to ask you if you voted for me or if I was going home, and I got absolutely nothing from you except read receipts (which you conveniently had turned off but I knew you read the messages). So yeah.

Kara: I would like to know where I actually stood with you on a trust level or a strategic level, etc. In the game, especially early on, I definitely valued you a lot, and while I knew you had the idol when Patrick accidentally let it slip on a pubic call, I was willing to look past that and not target you at the beginning of the merge because I hadn't been on a tribe with 7 out of the 13 other people that were there. However the deeper we got into merge, even though we were in the same "alliance," I felt very distant from you. Things changed, and based on what you've said I guess it had a lot to do with the Masaola people? Something like that? So another question I have is what happened in those 3 rounds on Masaola that caused you to put more trust in those people than with me, who had been with you since the beginning.

David: David, I don't really know what to ask you, but I will say that you're doing a very good job with this FTC. I think luck plays a huge role in this game, and you definitely lucked out in certain scenarios, especially that first merged vote, but you bounced back from that so congrats! I guess I'll ask this: Please go through each juror and individually say what social bond you had with them (like your relationship with them; basically HOW you talked with them and WHEN you spoke to them each round), and also explain how you maintained that bond throughout the game/merge.
8 days 2 hours ago

Thats should be @LQ
8 days 2 hours ago

First off, you giving credit to David's luck but not the luck Kara and I faced in the game is annoying. And you're lucky (HA!) I just got home from work because posting your questions this late, people might not have been able to answer before the deadline in....less than an hour.

You speculating when I had and had not read your messages is also annoying. I actually wasn't putting much effort into that round and that's why I was constantly paranoid and asking people where you stood on the vote because I didn't have time to actually sit down and have a conversation with you until an hour before the vote. People were just telling me what you told them, and different people were telling me different things you said. So it didn't add up. TL;DR Don't ask a question off speculation?! You can't sit here and act like a psychic knowing when I read your messages if there aren't read receipts. Plain and simple.

The reason I didn't message you during the vote read was because there was nothing TO say?? Like what?? You just kept posting in the Skype chat, here, AND my dm's like "l o l am i out?" I'm not going to say yes or anything because there was no need. Me apologizing after the read the vote and saying sorry was genuine, even if you think it came off fake?

Tying ALL of this together, the reason I kept messaging you was because I knew you were talking to people about me. Matt told me that you had said something to him along the lines of "where does dana stand? idk" and it was becoming obvious to me that we weren't going to go much farther in the game on the same side. It was necessary to keep messaging you because the only person I brought up the idea of voting you over Joey to was Qaz, and I didn't want it to look suspicious in case it leaked. I had acted that way with you tribal councils prior (i.e. messaging you stupid shit like the Lindsey Lohan stuff) and, by acting that way, I think it kind of helped me get people off my trail of what I was about to do, even when I was always paranoid about you since you were in the best position at that time.
8 days 1 hour ago
David: David, I don't really know what to ask you, but I will say that you're doing a very good job with this FTC. I think luck plays a huge role in this game, and you definitely lucked out in certain scenarios, especially that first merged vote, but you bounced back from that so congrats! I guess I'll ask this: Please go through each juror and individually say what social bond you had with them (like your relationship with them; basically HOW you talked with them and WHEN you spoke to them each round), and also explain how you maintained that bond throughout the game/merge.


First yeah I Definetly got lucky a few times but as you said luck is a big part of this game and none,of the three of us wouod be here without it. I do think I did my best to minimalize the luck I needed after that merge vote cause I realised just how much malt game relied on ut at the time

Our relationship really started at the second swap where wr had small talk and never REALLY got into game. That changed when he wanted to make a move against mud so we really started getting into game more but I quickly burned that bridge when I blindsided him. I tried to repair the relationship but came off as very fake especially after he just wasted an idol. We did keep talking but it was very distant conversations and most was him trolling me 馃槀

We literally never talked in the first place but it got even worse after our fight. I would say LQ is the only one I didnt really make an effort to know which I kinda regret but then again I probably would have soured her to my game even more because of how gross I looked to everyone

We talked since the beggining of the game but I NEVER trusted him. I think one of my first confessional was about how much I thought he was playing me so that Definetly contributed to him not liking me later on. We kept small talk but never got deep cause I sub consciously shut him down in every conversation. My game and feelings got into a battle and I wanted game to win but feeling unfortunately showed so it resulted in me talking to someone who could tell I wasnt into it.

We didn't talk a whole lot of game but I honestly loved every little conversation we had. She's a very nice person but sadly she was a mess across the board. If I could have worked with her without mud in the game I would have love that. Actually that was me and QAZs (or maybe me and Karas) plan for awhile to get her alone because we liked her.

Hes one of the ones I went in thinking highly of. As much as I hate to admit, I think how I felt personally about people showed in conversations because me and mud really got along well. He probably saw through my act but game wise we worked fantastically. We were pretty open about things and I knew he wanted me in for at least a little longer so there was a base line level of trust there. We never really lost that because I didnt end up getting the chance to cut him so that's where we left off

You know we didnt talk all that much. Again, you were someone I saw as a threat early on so even when I made attempts to talk I think it came across as forced or rehursed. I think toward the end of your game we had something started and I liked you as a person but you know as well as me we just werent clicking. I also saw you as a barrier to get to Matt so I even more was hesitant to get close knowing I wanted you out

Qaz and I were instantly friends. There's something about being in the minority time after time that really grows people together. By the time he left we were sharing almost everything and we constantly talked plans and relationship and end game ideas. I think he knows better than anyone (even Kara who I was closer to) just exactly what my game is and how I went about things. I had never REALLY worked with or been friends with him before so it was really cool to get to know someone new and even after he left we would chat from time to time

We weren't very trusting of each other coming into the game so trying to mend that fence was hard. We mostly bonded over our annoyance for Brandon and talked about Bens game. There was a point in the merge that I thought MAYBE we cpuld work out because he extended a hand and it seemed at least half genuine but he was such a threat at that point that I couldnt. I love Joey though cause when we did work together in Bens game we worked SO WELL and ran the tribe we were on but that didn't pan out for us this game

Easily the funniest guy on the cast. We never really talked game but talked about stupid shit and had a blast. Eventually we talked a bit of game but he had already flipped and was too good to keep around but we still kept talking about things and did the fake idol and fun studf lile that馃槀

I SO BADLY wanted to work with Will. I worled my ass off to protect him and we never REALLY talked too much but he knew I was in his corner for awhile. I love playing with Will but I felt it wasnt possible with Joey so we grew further and further apart the longer joey stayed until he voted me at five. Of everyone he's the one I things worked out

I loved Matt. I saw his game as actually very impressive. He and I didnt really get super close til the mud vote where Joey wanted to leave him out but I filled him in. Matt is genuinely a nice person and has the most underrated game of the season. He and I talked game and personal some but even if we didnt I think there was still this trust there that when I did finally turn on him at 5 that was so genuine that I couldn't hide it. I know I'm known to be fake but with Matt and Qaz I was easily the most genuine I've been.

Anyway my game is literally about to start so I gotta go. Ill be on around 9 so again, good luck and big thanks for a lot of fun!
8 days 1 hour ago
Hey guys!! Sorry I've been busy but I've read through everything and I think I have an educated decision :)

It's not an easy choice but thanks for the honesty in all the answers! Wish I had the time to ask a question tho :(
8 days 1 hour ago

I trusted you a lot. On a scale of 1-10 I鈥檇 say I trusted you about a 9. Obviously I didn鈥檛 tell you about my idol and had no idea you knew or any slip up of Patrick. I hadn鈥檛 told anyone about the idol except David because I never like to tell more than one or two people, if at all. And he had also shared the fact with me that he had one; the only person to do so. I valued you a lot and wanted to go far with you and Ruben in this game. I still trusted you, but a few tribals into merge I realized from other people that you were playing both sides very well and seemed in good standing with EVERYONE. This made you a threat. To me you were the golden boy. You were playing this AND stars (and won lol) my eyes you were playing a phenomenal social game and I knew I鈥檇 have to turn on you before we got down to f5. I knew you were super close to Joey and I would鈥檝e liked to have had your help to get him out but that wasn鈥檛 possible. I was honestly sad to see you go when you did but also relieved because I could鈥檝e never beaten you and would鈥檝e had a hard time voting for you. Because I trusted you so much and put faith in the real hero alliance we had, I did not target you like I was with people like Joey or Ken or Will. We always had good vibes and I did have your back. I think me being close to Masoala did make me a little more distant looking back on it now but I also felt that while I had Masoala, you had another group too. I never meant to be distant. I felt our alliance could run in parallel to the other alliances we had going on. I did not have more trust in Masoala than I did with you. Overall I trusted David more than anyone because of the years of friendship we鈥檝e had. For me the Masoala strength really started after merge rather than the time we were on the Masoala tribe. I trusted you but felt more comfortable with Masoala because there is strength in numbers. And 3 people compared to just you would offer me more protection. I鈥檓 sorry if you feel I did not value you or trust you in this game because I really, really did.
8 days 1 hour ago
Okay thank you so much for your statements and answers and goodluck :)

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