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9 days 23 hours ago
Welcome Dana, David, and Kara to the Final Tribal Council. The power now shifts to the jury who will vote for the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Madagascar - Heroes vs. Villains.

Please welcome our members of the jury - Jabbar, LeQuisha, Ken, Tashi, Mud, Ethan, Qaz, Joey, Dylan, Will, and Matt, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Dana, David, and Kara, you may each make an opening statement. The jury members can either make comments or ask questions, there is no limit to the amount they do or don't say. Once you have decided who to vote for please mail both Newz and I your vote.

Jury, your votes are due Thursday (1/10/19) at 8 PM EST.
9 days 23 hours ago
*struts into final tribal heels*

ok so 1st, good luck to you all, I despise all 3 of you equally.

David, you lied with every word you said to me so I'm not wasting my time reading your statements or responses. Good luck

Richard, if you lose its definitely bc of you bad attitude and your nasty mouth. But then again, you are a pure villain, so I don't understand why people would be upset at you for acting exactly how you did to get on the cast in the first place. Good luck

Kara, I still believe that you were mis-casted as a hero, but I don't want that to suggest that I don't respect you. Good luck

I have no questions, I'll just be watching responses to the various questions that are about to be thrown your way. Once again, good luck, and may be the best man/woman win!

*sits back down with the heels*
9 days 23 hours ago
I lied with a purpose. Sorry if you hate me but I had good reason and I own every lie I told.

I know you won't read this but your side was a threat and I couldn't trust you so I lied. Lying is apart of this game and you know that as well as anyone. I did what I had to to get here and I'm proud of my game

If anyone wants to ask questions I'll be more than happy to respond. Also typing a summary if anyone cares (doing it for myself as well because I'm not just gonna give up)
9 days 23 hours ago
I'll finish writing the speech I started earlier and post it soon!
9 days 22 hours ago
Well hey!

Firstly, I'm honestly shocked I made it here. When I saw the cast size and quality of players I thought instantly I wouldn't even make the merge. I didn't even know at least half of you. It's been awhile since I've done one of these and I fully expect to have some tough questions from you guys. I'll do my best to answer them honestly without bullshit.

I didn't make it here by winning a bunch of immunities or finding a dozen idols, I made it here because I have the 3 F's going for me....Friendly, Female, Floyal.

Ok so maybe loyal doesn't start with an F lol, but it was a huge part of my game. There were times I had to lie in this game. I am no angel. But I do think I lived up to the title of pure hero during this season. When I picked a "side" or alliance in this game, I stuck with it. The shadiest I ever felt was trying to get rid of Ken during the two tribals he got votes. Something didn't add up that first day on the heroes tribe and there seemed to be a misunderstanding, so something inside me changed and realized I couldn't go far with Ken. Ken was the most charismatic player in my eyes and I didn't feel like I was at the top of his group of friends. After voting him once, I was going to try to mend things but I kept hearing how he didn't trust me and I could feel it. So I had to continue to go after Ken. There were times I went after other people but going after Ken seemed the dirtiest thing I did.

Friendly. I won the title of "always in a good mood" which for the most part is true. I always tried to make my friendship or relationship with you the focus of our conversations. Relationship first, game second. Knowing I couldn't rely on immunity wins, it was what I had to work with. I needed you to like me. And hell maybe you don't but with the exception of the first two jury members I feel I had at least one in depth conversation with each of you to get to know you better. Toward the end of the game though I would create distance between myself and others like Dylan and Will though because it seemed fake to approach you or start trying to build on things in the present. The work I put in was with people I trusted most like Tashi, Ethan, Qaz, Matt, David, Dana, and even Joey. I loved Joey so much but I was going to vote him every opportunity I could lol! I also won "biggest social threat" AND "most trustworthy" during the superlatives obviously I did something right.

Female. It's a stupid thing to mention but I do think being female is something to note in this game. Sometimes being female or a female in a sea of males is helpful, but it can also make you a target for being different. Usually though being female and my "older" age makes me more motherly and helps me build those relationships because I can appear more nurturing and caring toward people. You could possibly disagree and if you're someone I didn't get close to in this game I hope we have the opportunity to play together again.

Every game on this site is different and you have to play with the cards you're dealt. Do you like me? Do you think I did enough to win? Hopefully I can answer questions and help you answer yes to those. But if not, thank you for being a part of this and helping me have a wonderful and miserable time all at once :)

Good luck to David & Dana!
9 days 22 hours ago
Kara you’re a dumb fucking old hag and I can’t wait to see you lose.

Good luck David and Dana 💞💞
9 days 22 hours ago
@jabbar i know you weren't asking me anything, but i wanted to say i totally agreed with your assessment of me being mis-cast at the beginning of the season. At the start of the game I was like wtf am I doing on a pure hero tribe. The last few games I've played I was a major villain, but I think everyone here has a bit of both in them. i feel in the end though I did play a pretty pure hero game
9 days 22 hours ago
lol oh ok thanks tashi <3
9 days 22 hours ago
i'm off to bed so i'll answer anything that's asked of me in the morning!
9 days 22 hours ago
I'm gonna ask questions in a bit. I have a few so you'll probably get a lot of them. Make it count yall.

To start off, I just want to say these things:

Dana, congrats on making it here. You were pretty obviously caught playing multiple sides from the get go, but you had plenty of shields and plenty of weak players to take the fall in front of you until you could win out here. And you prevented what was looking to be a disaster for the jury by making it to the final. I don't think you have this game in the bag so make sure when you answer questions you're telling the truth, because I encourage David, Kara, and anyone else who feels the need to correct any misinformation that any of us may spout in this thread.

David, you probably have the biggest challenge tonight. Honesty is your word of the day. We're gonna need honest answers, honest feelings, honest thoughts. I went from thinking you were a great player to watch as a host, to kind of feeling put off by you as a competitor. I'll explain why in my questioning.

Kara, first off I do want to say that while my trust was shattered with you after your first attempt to vote me, I did want to rebuild with you. It was a two way street where I didn't feel you wanted to mend fences either (and we both were in the middle of family issues). With that being said, you need to really flesh out your game today. I think a lot of people are inclined to vote for you, but sloppy answers will scare them away.
9 days 22 hours ago
I'm gonna wait for you guys to post speeches before I ask questions, but I will say at the moment I'm between 2 of you and that is subject to change based on your performances in this FTC.

I'm not bitter at all, but I'm taking everything into consideration.
9 days 22 hours ago
== PART ONE ==

Hi, jury! I first want to thank Mike and Newz for inviting me back for a third (and probably final) time to play this game, and to right any wrongs from Saipan and Greece. Regardless of tonight’s outcome, I am proud of the game I played, just as much as David and Kara, so I respect whatever happens.

Trying to find a place to start my jury speech is difficult because I don’t want to sound gamebot af nor gay af, so I guess the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that I was revealed last. At the cast reveal, I was the last person revealed. When I asked the hosts a couple weeks back if that was because I was the last person chosen or a replacement, I was surprised by their response:

Because they wanted to instill fear. It’s no secret that I have an infamous reputation in this community. And that’s why my game focused on fighting that narrative to be a hero, yet embracing the pure villandry within me.

Being put on the pure villains tribe was no surprise. However, the only people I really clicked with were Jabbar and Ryan B. Rhett was delusional in our seasons, Andrea screwed over the entire tribe, Dan was practically invisible, and Kelly just doesn’t like me. So, I found it difficult to build strength with my original tribe considering there was a lot of drama that centered around everyone on my tribe--but me. I knew I had to branch out my connections because I could only go so far with Jabbar and Ryan B., evidenced by half the cast despising Ryan B. and then Jabbar becoming a target as the merge boot for fighting David publicly. Still, the three of us (and I guess Kelly) were able to dig deep and win challenges to make a swap.

This is where my social game started to catch weight. The first alliance I made this entire game with Joey, Ken, and Will was called the Mariah Carey fan club, and it was able to stay strong up until I voted Ethan out. We communicated pretty much every round, despite the fact that I was never on a tribe with them until the merge. I’ve known Joey and Will for years, and Ken by association, so it was an easy group to click with from day one. Aside from my connections with Jabbar and Ryan B. from the pure villains tribe, this was the main focus of my social game before the swap, because small talk with neutral villains and pure heroes from the double tribal twists only got me so far. Other people were light years ahead of me in the social game because my tribe kept losing challenges, and I was only really voting at tribal councils with them, versus 20 something other people.

The swap really opened my social game outside the pure villains and Joey/Ken/Will alliance. I remember seeing Patrick posting the results in the main Skype chat and feeling defeated, because it was clear that Kelly and I were on the bottom. That night, I put into work arguably the MOST important part of the game for me. I knew that the only way I had a chance at staying in the game was to throw Kelly under the bus. My conversations with David, Kara, Patrick, Ruben, and Qaz were clear that it was one of us two on the chopping block. Kelly scrambled really fast to flip that vote on Patrick, but it was through my persuasion that I was able to convince the tribe to vote Kelly out instead. I learned a couple days later that Patrick and Qaz were going to throw their votes on me in case Kelly played an idol, but Patrick forgot to switch his vote, making Qaz the only vote against me. After that, the only other time I received votes was when Dylan and Joey voted for me at the final 6. 3 votes against me the entire game. This just furthers how successful I was at persuading Masoala to not vote me out of the tribe, and moving forward with their trust for voting out Kelly. This also reveals how, even with the reputation I faced day 1, I was able to make it to day 39 without more than three votes against me, which is impressive considering we are on a season of so many competitors, and I was playing a very public game.

Remerging into the villains tribe was annoying because I had only really bonded with David, Patrick, and Qaz from the Masoala swap, while Jabbar and Ryan B. were growing apart even after the work I put in on pure villains. Jabbar wound up voting with Dylan/Julian/LQ/Mud against Ryan B. after I leaked the plan to vote Patrick. This was the first time in the game that I realized I was seen as a leaker, and I needed to rethink what I told people, because Ryan B. leaving the game was predominantly my fault. I made it up to that group by voting out Patrick at the next vote because I saw no feasible way for me to move forward with him, while I knew David and Qaz could find a way out. This was just another vote, like Kelly’s, where I did what was necessary to rebuild trust with people, since I was constantly perceived as a paranoid leaker, when in reality I was calculated to rebuild some ounce of trust with Dylan/Julian/LQ/Mud, even though I secretly wanted Mud out of the game because I knew he was the glue behind a huge alliance.

That’s why I was able to secure individual immunity by a vote from the heroes, as the majority of them gave me immunity. This also shows how I played a good social game because I was able to convince the majority of the heroes that I was in danger and needed the necklace. My day 1 alliance with Joey/Ken/Will payed off, as well as my time with Kara/Ruben on Masoala, giving me the opportunity to take a shot at Mud. The plan was set in motion, but David turned his vote, proving himself to be a flipper. Jabbar/LQ were pissed, and I guess them publicly fighting David helped my game because it made them the merge targets over me. Props to y’all.
9 days 22 hours ago
== PART TWO ==

Making the merge was an accomplishment in itself. I did not expect it considering how many people this game I had rocky history with, or just hadn’t talked to up until that point. My alliance with Joey/Ken/Will was still strong, and we saw an opportunity to pick up Jabbar/LQ with us, considering the rest of the tribe wanted to vote them out. With Julian’s BV and Tashi’s flip, we had the plan secured. But for whatever reason, it failed, and I destroyed a lot of trust with the Masoala alliance because I hadn’t voted out Jabbar nor LQ.

Writing down David and Qaz back-to-back was a really stupid decision. I would say this was probably the dumbest thing I did this season. I realized I fucked up from a strategic standpoint, because both of them had a stronger grasp on this game, but this was just another moment where I had to play the social card in order to rebuild what I broke down. After LQ was voted out, I made a promise to David, Kara, and Qaz that I would not vote them out. This was one of the biggest shifts in the game for me because the four of us really started to click back together again and maneuver through a lot of the big votes. Even though we did not vote together much this game besides against Kelly, Joey, and Dylan, we were a strong group because we constantly talked game and life, and balanced each other’s paranoia. I was able to get info from them and they were able to get info from me, making it easy to pit people against each other. Although this could be seen as a villainous thing to do, my alliance with David, Kara, and Qaz was nothing but heroic. The four of us were tight and knew that we needed each other to go deep in the merge.

I guess this is where my strategy started to gain momentum, because up until the point I was able to solidify my trust with Masoala, my game was predominantly social. I knew that I had to start making moves in order to build up some sort of clout or backing behind who I voted out. I credit Joey and Will for getting Dylan and Ethan to flip on Tashi, as Dylan giving Joey an idol was a good move. However, it was not good for my game because it put the idea in people’s heads that I was the one who gave Joey an idol because pretty much everyone speculated I found the villains idol from that “huge” clue I got after winning individual immunity, which was true. I found the idol within 5 minutes.

Dylan not wanting to own up to the fact he gave Joey the Toliara idol was a stain on my game, and this was a moment where I embraced my pure villandry. I leaked to pretty much everyone on the other side of the Tashi vote that it was Dylan who gave Joey the idol, pitting them all against him for flipping. I had a feeling Dylan was going to try and blame me for giving Joey an idol, and I wanted to be the first person to make it clear that I would not be as dumb to do something like that. I was ready to draw rocks, but he wasn’t. Additionally, the strategy behind leaking that info was because Matt made it clear that he wanted to vote the 6th vote against Tashi, as Ethan was honest with his vote and someone else wasn’t. That’s why I revealed the truth behind Dylan’s decisions because I didn’t want to get votes for something I didn’t do. This was just another step forward in my strategic game, as I saw no real way I could go far with Dylan because he was playing this ballsy game.

This was the moment in the game where the biggest threats started going after each other, and I was able to stay off people’s radars despite being left out of the plans at the start of the merge. I thought Mud leaving would have been the biggest turning point, but I realized after he left that I kind of made a mistake? Although I could never go far with Mud for God knows what reason, it was the next day that I realized the real person running things was Ethan.

I made a statement by playing the idol on Qaz. Instead of giving it to him in mails and telling him to play it, I wanted to make it clear to the rest of the tribe and hopefully, you, the jury, that I’m not some selfish leaker with a villainous agenda. Voting out Ethan with my one vote was the move I needed to make that got me here, followed by everything else, of course. I applaud Ethan for all of his connections, and I realized I had to be deceitful for once by not voting for Joey or Qaz. I did what no one else probably would have done for the rest of the game and voted out Ethan.

From that point forward, Masoala 4 should have had an easy coast to the end. Matt flipping on Qaz was kind of predictable, and then after that it was just making sure that no one outside David, Kara, and myself went on an immunity streak. In order to make sure Dylan finally went home, I had to make sure that Matt and Will were convinced that I would choose them over David and Kara come Finale. I really hated the idea that I had to be the swing vote, but I wound up sticking with my Masoala alliance because I felt like I had a better shot to win against them. Matt and Will played better than I did, and even though we had a good connection this game, this was my last step in ensuring I made it to the end.

I guess one thing I left out was my physical strength, too. I won three (?) individual immunities, pushed for winning immunity on the pure villains tribe before the swap when we were falling apart socially, and repeatedly placed second to Dylan and Joey in the merge challenges by narrow margins because I was determined to win. I wanted to have some wins under my belt instead of just the social game I described earlier. And although Kara dominated the social game, too, it was my strength at challenges which allowed me to outlast many of the bigger players than myself.

TL;DR I know this is a long speech, so feel free to ask me any questions! This is just everything start-to-finish in a game of 28 people! I guess the biggest takeaways was that I had 3 votes cast against me the entire game despite my reputation, won immunity in the tribal and individual phases when I needed it the most, and built strong relationships with people that lasted me a while when the game started getting heated.

Although many people predicted I couldn’t make it here, I spent the last month fighting my way to get here and I hope you reward the player over the princess. Thank you!
9 days 22 hours ago
The Mariah Carey fan club was originally the Qaz fan club, and even though us four were the only ones inside the chat there were affiliates.
9 days 22 hours ago
General questions:

1) What was the hierarchy, in your opinion, of this alliance (Dana, David, Kara, and any other people who went to jury or didn't make it that far)? Who in that group would be your ideal final 3, and why?

2) You three are the last representatives of each of your original tribes, what common bond did you find across these divided tribes?
9 days 22 hours ago
I actually forgot I made that chat originally night 1 as a Qaz fan club. Qaz asked me about it a couple minutes ago and I forgot to edit that part of my speech because I wrote pretty much the first half of this late last night. Thanks for correcting me

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