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224 days 16 hours ago
The Twelfth Haunting of the game... returning from Survivor: China - Clash of Clans is the Silent Auction!

Tonight, you have all been given $500 in cash and will be able to bid on a variety of items that I present to you. Some items will be revealed, and some items will remain hidden, and only the highest bidder on each item will be notified of what they have won. If there is a tied bid for an item, a random draw will take place to determine who will claim it, with the loser still losing the money they bid on the item.

The deadline to bid on items will be tomorrow at 7 PM EST.
224 days 16 hours ago

1. A beautifully crafted sea-green bottle. Inside of it there appears to be a message written...

2. A scroll of paper neatly wrapped with a gold ribbon. I wonder what it says...

3. Covered Item #1

4. Covered Item #2

5. It appears to be a ticket. Where could this possibly be used...

6. Covered Item #3

7. Covered Item #4

8. A small block of wood. It doesn't seem to have much use...

9. Individual Immunity Necklace. The winner of this item will be safe at Tribal Council.

10. Covered Item #5

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