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224 days 16 hours ago
The Eleventh Haunting of the game... returning from Survivor: Egypt is the Pyramid Duel & Mummy's Curse!

This twist will take place just this round only. The winner of tonight's Immunity Challenge will be able to send 2 players into the Pyramid Duel, where they will compete to avoid having the Mummy's Curse placed on them. The loser of the Duel will receive the Mummy's Curse, while the winner will also be able to place the Mummy's Curse on another player. The Mummy's Curse will cause the afflicted player's vote to be revealed at the next 2 Tribal Councils they attend.

The players dueling tonight will be Kyle and Logan.
224 days 16 hours ago
For tonight's challenge you will be competing in this simple flash game:

You must include your logged in profile in your screenshot for it to count. I will ONLY take the FIRST screenshot that I receive from you, so make sure that you are happy with your score and your link works before you submit.

The player with the score will win this Pyramid Duel.

This challenge will be due Thursday (2/13/20), at 7 PM EST.
223 days 20 hours ago
Logan has defeated Kyle by a score of 148 to 79.

Logan has decided to place the Mummy's Curse on Brandon, and as the loser, Kyle has had the curse placed on him as well.

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