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240 days 8 hours ago
Hello castaways! Below I have outlined the basic rules that Survivor: Ghost Island will follow, and it is required that every player reads the rules so that there is no confusion or disputes regarding them as the game progresses.

-Voting: A Tribal Council forum will be created immediately after the conclusion of the Immunity Challenge. You will be given a good 20-24 hours to send in your vote
→If there is a tied vote, everyone except for the people who received votes in the tied vote will re-vote. If the re-vote results in a tie, the castaways who received votes in the tie will become immune, and everyone else will draw rocks. If there is a tie at final four, everyone except the immunity necklace holder will have to draw rocks.
→If you self-vote two times in a row you will be medically evacuated or if you self-vote three times in general you are also evacuated. Self votes will be revealed as a self vote at Tribal Council.
→You're allowed to change your vote as many times as you want as long as you get it in before the deadline.
→ If someone is medically evacuated or quits at Tribal Council, then Tribal Council will be cancelled.

-Ghost Island: The major twist of this season is Ghost Island, where each round the members of the winning tribe will have the opportunity to vote for one of the losing tribe's members to be sent to Ghost Island, where they will not only be immune from being voted out at Tribal Council, but will also be given the option of trying to claim an advantage that was previously misused at some point during this series' past. Ghost Island will be in play for an unspecified amount of time, and will not always be in play each round. More details will be given to the castaways once they arrive on Ghost Island.
→ During the Premerge: Everyone will have until the start of the Immunity Challenge each round to vote for someone of the opposing tribe to visit Ghost Island. The member of the losing tribe with the most votes will head to Ghost Island. During this part of the game players cannot go to Ghost Island for a second time unless everyone on their tribe has already been to Ghost Island
→ During the Merge: The winner of the Immunity Challenge will have the opportunity of choosing who they want to send to Ghost Island

-The Haunting: Throughout the game, certain iconic twists from season's pasts will make their return for an unspecified amount of rounds. It will be announced at the start of each round if a twist will be entering the game. Each of these twists will pay homage to the players who were the most affected by said twists in the season's that they appeared.

-Challenges will consist of a mix of live, non-live and semi-live challenges.  These challenges will range from 6pm EST-9pm EST. Challenges will be hosted by either Newz, I, or both of us.

-Hidden Immunity Idols: There will be hidden immunity idols this season. You can either play them during the tribal where we allow anyone with an idol to play their idol, or mail us prior to the votes being read. They will be hidden in the oldest blog of a user. To claim an idol, you must mail Mike or I the link of the blog, and we'll tell you if you found it or if someone found it before you. No premerge idols will be rehidden and the merge idol will only be rehidden ONCE. Idols will be hidden at the conclusion of the first challenge.

-Idol Transfers: We do allow idol transfers. If you are on the same tribe, you just have to make a mail including Newz and I. If it's a cross-tribal transfer, a public forum must be made.

-Confessionals: Confessionals are a REQUIREMENT! There is no restriction on the length or amount of confessionals that you send, so we implore you to send a lot! Remember, not sending any will hurt your chances for potentially returning or even returning again. Also, you will all be given the option on whether you want your confessionals posted in a private group we only have access to or that you don't want us to post them at all. Please private message us where you want your confessionals!  If you do not mail me I will assume you want them in the private group.

***NOTE: Send your confessionals to both Newz and I through TENGAGED (aka, not Skype)!***

If you have any questions, feel free to message either Newz or I.
229 days 15 hours ago

"If there is a tie at final four, everyone except the immunity necklace holder will have to draw rocks."

This was an unupdated rule that needs to be addressed. In the event of a 4-person tribe tying 2-2, and then 1-1 on the revote, ONLY the two players in the tie will draw rocks.

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