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Island of Champions 2: Next Generation

Current Champion of Champions: Chris B. (BlueU22)

Island of Champions 2: The Next Generation!

Over 700 days ago, the best of the best group game tengagers were brought into a single game to battle it out. 100 players total fought it out to claim the ultimate title. The Champion of Champions....

Now once again, 100 players from all sorts of group games will come together to battle it out again. Some returning for redemption and some giving their first shot at the ultimate prize, the game is once again on. However this time around, simply having a majority won't be as easy. There will be twists, there will be idols, and there will be drama. In a game where the stakes are like no other, can someone who failed the first time redeem themselves? Or will someone new rise to claim the ultimate title.

13 Remain.... Who Will Be Voted Out Next?


Epizon (Black Buffs)

- Erik (youndandreckless)
- Connor J. (Cjuddy)
- Bobby K. (Bklimas)
- Tico F. (ticofernandez)
- Anthony (rawr121)
- Brandon R. (brandonrichie)
- Jake S. (tundrahenry10)
- Eric M. (awwsum11)
- Jeremy (mmajunkiex)
- Kash K. (blatastic1234)
- Mearl E. (Mearl)
- Carl M. (Cmack311)
- Mykel S. (CheapCheep)


14th: Jacob (bobrocks333)
15th: Sam B. (bigbrotherfan132)
16th: Will S. (survivorfan37)
17th: Cedric D. (teamjacz)
18th: James E. (Witz)
19th: Julian W. (thesexiestdude990)
20th: Cory (lifer107)
21st: Big Joe F. (Bigjoefrimodt)
22nd: Brandon G. (Maladus1)
23rd: Jim B. (sahmosean)
24th: Mike J. (michael31)
25th: Adam (adamsel)
26th: Daniel R. (danielzsnooz)
27th: Sam S. (sssp123)
28th: Bonnie W. (bigdizzleyomama)
29th: Ozzy G. (Oswald19)
30th: Nick R. (Brandt69)
31st: Nick A. (archerskyfire)
32nd: Andrew C. (Levonini)
33rd: Jake T. (BestHeroD)
34th: Lukas S. (sirniceguy)
35th: Martin H. (Hudspith)
36th: Cheree J. (Jassos4)
37th: Stoner D. (Gaiaphagee)
38th: JT R. (Absol)
39th: Rich M. (zed55)
40th: Alan D. (alanduncan)
41st: Jack W. (jacksonwalsh)
42nd: Brady S. (bradysprauding16)
43rd: Fred A. (ferdinandz)
44th: Connor G. (laughingoutloud)
45th: Joel W. (Joelw55)
46th: Drizella T. (shabootyquiqui3)
47th: Qaz W. (Qazwdxdez)
48th: Brittany J. (lafiercebrittany)
49th: Josh D. (Joshbb17)
50th: Zach B. (tuter32)
51st: Alex L. (01gohan)
52nd: Sebby D. (Sebby)
53rd: Andy K. (saxonmath)
54th: Cameron X. (drpepsi)
55th: Eoin E. (Eoin)
56th: Sim S. (somebodyawesome)
57th: Felix L. (charliebibi)
58th: Jabbar L. (Rabbaj)
59th: AJ B. (jetsrock12)
60th: Tim M. (lionsden121)
61st: Brian C. (Cfff)
62nd: Dana M. (totstrashy)
63rd: Drew J. (sosyomomma)
64th: AJ L. (KingGeek)
65th: Joey T. (theeclipse)
66th: Will T. (willtatum)
67th: JJ S. (justunreal)
68th: Kevin M. (useamint)
69th: Mel T. (Me2013)
70th: Ojani W. (thejohnny)
71st: Jojo F. (JoJo7784)
72nd: Mike D. (Pieguy555)
73rd: Brendon R. (brenelle1120)
74th: Tim R. (Terose)
75th: Andy F. (amf7410)
76th: Dylan H. (Halloween)
77th: Eric D. (ArcanineMaster)
78th: Marto K. (Cole225)
79th: Phil H. (philip13)
80th: AJ W.  (zorbo678)
81st: Justin L. (BeastBoy)
82nd: Asher M. (survivorgame1)
83rd: Eric E. (EM002)
84th: Jared D. (Newnightmare7)
85th: Sean P. (caliboy)
86th: JB B. (_JB_)
87th: Mickle P. (Micklepickle20)
88th: Andalib O. (sackeshi)
89th: Ben B.  (aceman509)
90th: Adam D. (MrAdamMan12)
91st: Jet R. (leonine_divine)
92nd: Danny D. (Dinosaurdan)
93rd: Nels S. (doubledarefan01)
94th: Jake H.  (jakehou97)
95th: Chris D.  (carraid73)
96th: Cameron M. (giraffez)
97th: DJ M. (coolexchangestudent)
98th: Andrea C. (iceicebaby)
99th: Nick M. (Bluejays112)
100th: Natalie (OhNatalie)

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Island of Champions 2: Next Generation

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