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988 days 3 hours ago
Welcome to the BB house everyone. Here is your first HoH challenge:

Let's play an old classic for starters, shall we? I will give you 10 categories and 3 letters. All you have to do is to submit an original word to score a point. If more than one person submits the same word you will not be scoring any point.

Here are the categories:

Girl's name:
Politician's name:
Sports team name:
Musical Artist/Group:

These are your letters: D, F and M.

You have 24h from this point on to complete the challenge. Additional time might be added depending on the normal group players quota (20) competing on the game or not.

Start sending me those e-mails now!
987 days 15 hours ago
Animal: Monkey
Flower: Dandelion
Actor/Actress: Farrah Abraham
Movie: Faking It
Sport: Dancing
Girl's name: Davonne
Country: Dallas
Politician's name: Donald T rump
Sports team name: Minnesota M
Musical Artist/Group: Falloutboys
987 days 14 hours ago
Animal : Frog
Flower : daffodil
Actor : Michelle Rodriguez
Movie : Fight Club
Sport: deadlifting
Girls name: Francine
Country: Mongolia
Politicians name: David Cameron
Sports team name: Detroit Pistons
Musical artist/group: Frank Ocean
986 days 7 hours ago
986 days ago
Animal: Donkey
Flower: Daisy
Actor/Actress: Denzel washington
Movie: Driving miss daisey
Sport: Football
Girl's name: Daisey
Country: Denmark
Politician's name: Franklin roosevelt
Sports team name: Dallas cowboys
Musical Artist/Group: Destinys child
979 days 3 hours ago
I mailed mine

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