Tengaged's Drag Race: All Stars

If you could go back in time, what would you choose to do? Would you correct a past mistake? Settle an unfinished beef? Wear a different Zwooper hair? This season, we're going deep into our own herstory. Bring back my girls.

Winner receives a gift prize (claim it quick before Tengaged gets shut down)


1st: Nineteen (doodyful) [S6 | 2nd]
2nd: Tetanus (Slice) [S5 | 2nd]
3rd: Fern (GothicZebra) [S4 | 2nd]
4th: Sommers Eve Dush (Brandonator) [S6 | 3rd]
5th: Davina (winner132) [S5 | 5th]
6th: Veronica Veleno (ILoveSleep) [S7 | 6th]
7th: Glycerin (Stering_butter) [S7 | 2nd]
7th: Trigger Warning (MichelleObama) [S1 | 4th]
7th: Waa Sabi (Yaxha) [S5 | 3rd]
10th: Melody Vine (Insanity) [S1 | 6th]
11th: Yaya Solo (Lights) [S7 | 7th]
12th: Neferti (LiteCitrus) [S3 | 2nd]
13th: Jessica McMozzarella (Absol) [S3 | 5th]
14th: Vella Morghulis (Finnick) [S3 | 8th]
15th: Krystalline Extort (deshonBANNEDISBACK) [S2 | 8th]
16th: Caia Alexander (Weetmaster) [S3 | 4th]


http://www.tengaged.com/group/1644 (S1)
http://www.tengaged.com/group/6877 (S2 & S3)
http://www.tengaged.com/group/4291 (S4)
http://www.tengaged.com/group/5628 (S5)
http://www.tengaged.com/group/3626 (S6)
http://www.tengaged.com/group/5060 (S7)
http://www.tengaged.com/group/8527 (AS)
http://www.tengaged.com/group/1613 (S8)
https://www.tengaged.com/group/9830 (S9)


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