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Topic » SSC3: SEMIFINAL 1!

987 days 9 hours ago
[!Judges' Comments!]

---> "Words" - Skylar Grey (Ashantea)

#FedeBenna : A very calm song that's usually not my thing, in fact I had a little prejudice at my first hearing...but I can find it always more interesting the more I listen to it...I can finally say that I like it as much as I like their lyrics!

#BenjaminS : Such a beautifully tragic song. This would have been much higher if I hadn't heard it before. I love this song, and I hope it makes it to the next round. <3

#ryan5676 : I get it that she has a soft voice but there is no excuse for lack of energy and effort as she is literally phoning it in making this song so boooooooooooring
987 days 9 hours ago
Ryan is savage with those comments geez
987 days 9 hours ago
[!Judges' Comments!]

---> "Lying" - Dan + Shay (yswimmer96)

#FedeBenna : Uhm...that's not a strong's a very common one...but somehow I like it...nothing more to say for now...ahah...

#BenjaminS : We need more country songs! Love this song! It's just a little too boring for me. No offense.

#ryan5676 : This is rather nice hearing them both sing together and it is giving me those good vibes which I truly cherish
987 days 9 hours ago
[!Judges' Comments!]

---> "Cashmere" - Tkay Maidza (Absol)

#FedeBenna : I really like the rhythm and the music inside your song...BUT that's the only good thing for me! Sorry, but so far, no sign of a connection with me! Maybe I'll change my opinion...

#BenjaminS : Great beat. I'm definitely vibing out to this song rn. Putting it on repeat as we speak.

#ryan5676 : Oh now I have an encounter with a living corpse as this song is beyond dead at this point with her dry ass vocals and nauseating music that makes me sick
987 days 9 hours ago
[!Judges' Comments!]

---> "Hear Me" - Imagine Dragons (WaffleKing)

#FedeBenna : I really like your band! And I loved a lot of your songs! About this one I can say you that I like its music but I expected something more, especially in the sung part, I'm not completely satisfied...

#BenjaminS : The use of guitar is exquisite, and the vocals are beautiful. Love this song

#ryan5676 : They are not bad to listen to as their music is alright to say the least and it is something I don't mind hearing
987 days 9 hours ago
[!Judges' Comments!]

---> "PTT (Paint The Town)" - LOONA (CrystalClod)

#FedeBenna : I really like your song! Almost everything about it...great job! Moreover, you have brought the K-Pop genre in this 3rd Season too! The first time was in our 1st Season by BTS, but they didn't qualify to the Final...will you be able to finally qualify a K-Pop song to the Final? Let's see...

#BenjaminS : I like this song! A great beat to shake your ass too.

#ryan5676 : These girls are giving some killer energy and I like this music very much being all energetic and it is such a vibe
987 days 9 hours ago

And we are done with those very honest comments! XD

I have to admit that our 2 new Judges of this 3rd Season are very energic and full of things to say...some comments were very, uhm, straight to the point...ahah... XD
987 days 9 hours ago

Here we finally go with the Results of our 1st Semifinal! This time too, not in order of their placements but in order of their exhibition, saying you only if they are QUALIFIED or NOT QUALIFIED, without the total of points to don't let you discover how much you are close or distant to the others...good luck! (those total points will be revealed at the end of the season though)

P.s. In this Semifinal 1, for the first time, there is a very minimal difference of total points between almost all of your songs...good luck!

Only 7 of you directly qualify to the Final...while the other 3 are unfortunately eliminated (they will still be able to draw up their personal Rankings for the Final, if they want to, so don't leave the game!)...

- - - - - - - - -

1] "Sausage" - Lewberger (DrG2).......NOT QUALIFIED! Sorry...

2] "Stones" - ZiBBS (SeaViper).......QUALIFIED!

3] "Tommy" - Ralph (Ribbons).......QUALIFIED!

4] "Listen (Live)" - Beyoncé (Hector).......QUALIFIED!

5] "La Canzone Nostra" - MACE, BLANCO, Salmo (Mrkk).......NOT QUALIFIED! Sorry...

6] "Words" - Skylar Grey (Ashantea).......QUALIFIED!

7] "Lying" - Dan + Shay (yswimmer96).......QUALIFIED!

8] "Cashmere" - Tkay Maidza (Absol).......QUALIFIED!

9] "Hear Me" - Imagine Dragons (WaffleKing).......NOT QUALIFIED! Sorry...

10] "PTT (Paint The Town)" - LOONA (CrystalClod).......QUALIFIED!

- - - - - - - - -

CONGRATS TO ALL OF THE QUALIFIED SONGS!!! ^^ I'm so happy and excited for you!!! ^^ See you soon in the Final!!! ^^

You can now take a Rest Day while we are going to face Semifinal 2... :P

I'm also very sorry for the three songs that didn't qualify...thanks for your participation, bringing in this show your music! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you again... ;)
987 days 9 hours ago
If I can express my emotions... u.u
Personally, I'm a little bit shocked...tbh... u.u

I didn't expect some of these eliminations... O.O

Without taking anything away from the qualified songs obviously!! ^.^
987 days 8 hours ago
Sad and disappointed
987 days 7 hours ago
hugs my fellow finalists

mrkk was a bit robbed imo but judging by my critiques i wasnt that far ahead of him in points
979 days 12 hours ago

1] "Sausage" - Lewberger (DrG2).......NOT QUALIFIED! Sorry... [58 Points]

2] "Stones" - ZiBBS (SeaViper).......QUALIFIED! [62 Points]

3] "Tommy" - Ralph (Ribbons).......QUALIFIED! [75 Points]

4] "Listen (Live)" - Beyoncé (Hector).......QUALIFIED! [67 Points]

5] "La Canzone Nostra" - MACE, BLANCO, Salmo (Mrkk).......NOT QUALIFIED! Sorry... [55 Points]

6] "Words" - Skylar Grey (Ashantea).......QUALIFIED! [71 Points]

7] "Lying" - Dan + Shay (yswimmer96).......QUALIFIED! [70 Points]

8] "Cashmere" - Tkay Maidza (Absol).......QUALIFIED! [61 Points]

9] "Hear Me" - Imagine Dragons (WaffleKing).......NOT QUALIFIED! Sorry... [52 Points]

10] "PTT (Paint The Town)" - LOONA (CrystalClod).......QUALIFIED! [82 Points]

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