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Casino Royalle

In this game, each player will receive a $500 point token. There will be 3 table games played in this group. Blackjack, Roulette, and a Texas hold'em table. If you are on one table day 1 you might not be on the same table the next day. As Host of this group I am the house. I can not win; however I do have the power to take points back and put in the bank. I am the richest Casino in the world!

Blackjack Rules: You will receive two cards to begin with and I will tell you the card that (Me) "the house" is holding up! You will either stand with your 2 cards or hit all the way up until you would like to stay or you bust. If you bust your point bet will be taken from the house. If you stay and beat the dealer, then you will be given your points bet back with the same points give to you by the(Me) "the house".

If you are dealt a "Natural Blackjack" you will get your point bet and half that in return as a win from Me "the house"

The goal in blackjack is to beat "the house" (Me) without busting and getting as close to ~21~

If "the house" (Me) busts then everyone playing with betting points will receive those points back plus the betting points from "The house" (Me)

If "the house" (Me) is showing an Ace everyone at the table will be offered Insurance! Which is half the point bet you have put on the table! If "the house" (Me) has a blackjack and you played the insurance then you will be given all points for that round back; however if "the house" (Me) does not have a blackjack then all insurance bets will be taken by "the house" (Me).

You will be able to split cards that are the same for the same point bet up to four times. If you win you will be given the point bets on each hand!

You also have the option to double down for one card to make a hand. If your bet is 5 points then you will have to put 5 more points down for one card only!

2-9 are values of what they are
10, jacks, queens, kings are worth 10 in value
aces are worth 1 or 11.

I will be using a six deck shoe to deal these as the games go on!

Even though I am "the house", in this game "the house" (Me) always comes in second place. There will be a winner but never "the house" (Me)

*Note a natural blackjack will still need to be waved off to stand because it is possible to double down on that hand!*

Roulette is simple there will be a minimum point bet to be placed on the table and a maximum! You can bet on the color Black or Red paying out 1-1. Meaning if you bet 5 point bets and win "the house" (Me) will give you your 5 point bet back and you will receive 5 points extra. You can also bet on odd or even and this will also pay 1-1. I will not play all casino rules for roulette but you can also place point bets on a number between 1 & 36 and if you point bet on that number it will pay out 35-1 meaning if you play 5 bets on number 4 and number 4 hits you will receive your 5 point bet back and 5x35+175. Normally in roulette there is other betting patterns you can make and there is a green 0 and a green 00 but in this house it is not the case! You win or you lose your point bet!

Texas hold'em will come down to the final 8 of the competition where I will set down the rules then!

Each day there will be a minimum at each table and you will have 24 hours to place your point bet and make your decisions! The following day I will reveal the points each player had received. If there is a failure to communicate with the house you will be deducted the minimum bet!

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Casino Royalle

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