Noobs and Their Master

Basically 14 people are Noobs and there is 1 master. Roles will not be said publically. Each day, the master votes for one nominee, who goes up immediately. The noobs choose another nom by a vote. And, There is a non-live simple competition where the winner determines the third nom. This continues until the final 3, where there will be no competition or competition winner.

In the vote for eviction, the noobs all have 1 vote and the master has 3 votes in the top 15, 2 votes in the top 10, and 1 vote in the top 5.

If the master is voted out, the rest of the game will be merged survivor without immunity unless there are more than 5 noobs remaining.

- The goal of the noobs is to find out who the master is and vote him/her out.
- The goal of the master is to make the final 2, where he or he will get an automatic win.

15th - Aimee (Amnesia_) 6-5-4 NOOB
14th - Camila (FoxyWinters) 7-5-2 NOOB
13th - Jack G (aria_grande) 4-4-3 (5-3) NOOB
12th - Shae (twoshawn3) 6-2-1 NOOB
11th - Patrick (patricenka9) 5-4 NOOB
10th - Hunter (HUNTERBC88) 4-4 (4-2) NOOB
9th - Cassie (Cookie_13) Removed NOOB
8th - Jay (JSBReality) 3-2 NOOB
7th - Keizo (Foxy_Piplup) 2-2-1 (3-1) NOOB
6th - Brett (Dashingbretttyker) Removed NOOB
5th - Nicole (Paul028) 3-1-1 NOOB
4th - Jayden (jjvawesomeness0511) 2-2 (2-0) NOOB

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RealJacksonWalsh jwbrine WaffleMan

Jack W. (RealJacksonWalsh)
Josh (jwbrine)
Cory (WaffleMan)

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