Destined to Die 3

Welcome to Mamika Allison Airlines, we ensure you a safe trip and hope you make your arrival on time....and out of a body bag.

The annual killing game is back and after what seemed like months in hiding Mamika Allison shows herself again her plans for the 32 year of killing games to go off without a hitch. High in the sky and away from any interference, there will be no one to stop her now. Well...if anyone could the band of rag tag survivors from games 30 and 31 would be the ones to do it. But they seem to be off tying up the loose ends of the late mastermind and cultist Yukiyo to see just what file she had to get rid of. How high will the body count have to rise before the heroes come and save the newest group of Ultimate? There's only one way to find out.

Destined to Die 3: Artificial and Biological

Host: Kgunzrok
Co-Host: Logie56

~ Characters ~

Riona Ushiji, Female, 19, Ultimate ??? {Kgunzrok}
Hideki Sugisawa, Male, 16, Ultimate Grief Counselor{Kgunzrok}
Irano Kataoka, Female, 17, Ultimate Method Actress {Kgunzrok}
Komatsu Shinkichi, Male, 17, Ultimate Production Assistant {Logie56}
Han Zemin, Female, 19, Ultimate Diplomat {Logie56}
Nikita Pyotr, Male, 16, Ultimate Carny {Bigdizzleyomama}
Amos Peron, Male, 17, Ultimate Musical Theater Performer {Maladus1}
Luka Mikhailov, Male, 15, Ultimate Contortionist {Symmetry888}
Raven "Azazel" Kiyomata, Female, 17, Ultimate Herpetologist {Ruefan11}
Inari Shimada, Female, 15, Ultimate Game Designer {RyanAndrews}
Kaori Nakamura, Female, 18, Ultimate Police Officer {SirNiceGuy}
Gin Inuitsi, Female, 17, Ultimate Dreamer {Coolkat}
Lyrica Lee, Female, 18, Ultimate Singer {Pikaplayer}
Hisoka Komaeda, Female, 14, Ultimate Cryptanalyst {TomokoKuroki}
Makoto Yamaha, Male, 15, Ultimate Motoball Player {Demgirl6}
Cache, Male, 14, Ultimate Neutral Network Prototype {Rennac}
Alli, Female, 15, Ultimate Analytical Profiler {Coolkat}
Akeno Suzimiya, Female, 17, Ultimate Windsurfer {TomokoKuroki}
Toshihiro Daimon, Male, 17, Ultimate Psychologist {SirNiceGuy}

~ Killing Game Survivors ~

Yuzuka Nishobira, Therapist (NPC)
Tabitha Burckhart, Seamstress (NPC)
Helen Walsh, Food Stylist (SirNiceGuy)
Etsuji Shiruzu, Baker (Logie56)
Rosalina "Rosie" Guerez, Cowgirl (Ruefan11)
Katsue Shirane, Idol (Kgunzrok)
Raiden Muichi, Pet Rescuer (Logie56)
Vora Sanzuki, Brain Surgeon (NPC)
Markus Nilsson, Primary School Teacher (SirNiceGuy)
Misa Mya, Moe Manufacturer (QueenRenge130) (Not in Season)
Lake Bayangan, Shadow Puppeteer (Maladus1) (Not in Season)

Chapter Titles

Prologue: Answer to The Inevitable [X]
Chapter 1: Fly High and Die [X]
Chapter 2: Watts the Deal?

~ Deaths ~

Chapter 1
Xue Fang Kao, Ultimate Pianist, Cause of Death:Drowned in Mud (Hellocat)
Stacy McClain, Ultimate Garbage Man, Executed: "Waste of a Perfect Life"(WestTemp) CHAPTER 1 KILLER

Despair-Inducing Roleplays:

Ultimates in Despairland Series [Hosted by UnicornGoddess98]

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Destined to Die 3

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