Destined to Die 2 [END]

After the events of last season, our beloved and twisted killing game returns. This time in Egypt, wherein a new group of teens try to survive inside the pyramids of Giza. They will be trapped in a game that defies the state of right and wrong. Do you believe in what everyone says to you? Is it a truth, or a lie? It can be one or the other, but one thing is certain in this game. You must kill for what you think is right, or to see what is right.

Condolences to all my dear students, you are now Destined to Die in Truth and Lies.

Host: Kgunzrok
Co-Host: Coolexchangestudent

~Season 2 Survivors~
~~ Etsuji Shiruzu, Baker ~~ (Logie56)
~~ Misa Mya, Moe Manufacturer ~~ (QueenRenge130)
~~ Markus Nilsson, Primary School Teacher ~~ (SirNiceGuy)
~~ Rosalina "Rosie" Guerez, Cowgirl ~~ (Ruefan11)

~ Killing Game Survivors ~
Katsue Shirane, Idol (Kgunzrok)
Raiden Muichi, Pet Rescuer (Logie56)
Lake Bayangan, Shadow Puppeteer (Maladus1)
Helen Walsh, Food Stylist (SirNiceGuy)
Yuzuka Nishobira, Therapist (NPC)
Vora Sanzuki, Brain Surgeon (NPC)
Tabitha Burckhart, Seamstress (NPC)

~ Deaths ~
Takahiro Higuchi [Stabbed in the chest, Killed by Dae] (EvaMaria)
Dae Shun [Decapitated by Katsue, Killer of Takahiro] (Maggiewong)
Kenshin Uyehara [Heart Stoppage, Killed by Yan] (Stunzer)
Kangyu Yan [Actually Spiked, Killer of Kenshin] (ccwagu)
Mini Marvelous [Decapitation, Killed by Amano] (UnicornGoddess98)
Rumiko Yanagi [Killed by "Life Link" motive] (TomokoKuroki)
Amano Daisuki [Throat Slit by Misa, Killer of Mini] (Coolexchangestudent)
Nishiga  "Kondo" Morro [Killed by Katsue/Yukiyo during Motive] (Kgunzrok)
Diego Cambio [Killed by Katsue/Yukiyo durring Motive] (Maladus1)
Luca Tarquin [Electrocuted, Killed By Bailey] (Bigdizzleyomama)
Bailey Frost [Executed in "Self Preservation", Killer of Luca] (Logie56)
Eshi Bokari [Exploded, Killer of Rumiko and Diego/MASTERMIND] (Kgunzrok)
Yukiyo Kuroda [Shot in the Head by Yuzuka] (TomokoKuroki/Kgunzrok)

~ Season 2 Chapter List ~
Chapter 0: "Relocation" *DONE*
Chapter 1: "Commence Game Two" *DONE*
Chapter 2: "Infinite Despair, Infinite Bloodshed." *DONE*
Chapter 3: "Power of Lies" *DONE*
Chapter 3.5: "The Real Story" *DONE*
Chapter 4: "How's Your Head?" *DONE*
Chapter 5: "Smile at the False Hope" *DONE*
Chapter X: "Regain the World You Know" *DONE*

Despair-Inducing Roleplays:

Ultimates in Despairland Series [Hosted by UnicornGoddess98]

Saved By Despair [Hosted by SirNiceGuy and Logie56]

Despair in the Deep [Hosted by EllieC13]

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Destined to Die 2 [END]

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