Joey's Big Brother 4 (Day ??

It's a house like no other where 52 cameras watch your every move and 30 microphones hear your every word, this is the Big brother house.14 houseguests will enter fighting for food, luxury, and most important power. Each week the houseguests will evict one of their own until one remains to claim the grand prize! ! Get ready for an awesome season of  Joeys'  Big Brother 4!
Estimated End: October 1
BB staff: open
Diary Room Confessionals
Must send one in every week and tell what your moves and alliances are! Add us to any alliance or game talk (joey65409)
16th : Jessica(Bigbrothersupertome) 9-1 [Day 6]
15th Shandi (Chastain) quit [day 6]
14th: Sam (S73100) 9-2 [Day 8]
13th: Courtney (Cort) 9-1 [Day 10]
12th: Jack S (CopperTribe) 8-1 [Day 13]
11th- Brice (13bam) 5-1 [Day 13]
10th- Ben (Benp428) 5-2 [Day 19]
9th- Jack (Thepermantone) 6-0 [Day 22]
8th- Jasoi (Jasoi) 3-2 [Day 27]
7th- James (J2999) 3-1 [Day 32]
6th- Troy (Troyhay27) 2-1 [Day 34]
5th- Logan (Logie56) 2-0 [Day 34]

Ray (xMountain22x)
Ryan B. (Iceey)
Will (IceBeast)
Imani (Rubes)
----------------------------------------Previous Winners----------------------
Joeys Big Brother 1:3 doors- Patsy (Bbhoe) 5-2 against Phillip (Musicinme) (Gifted)
Joeys Big Brother 2:Two Houses- David (Davidm7) 5-2 against Eve (Falconbait26) (gifted )
Joey’s Big Brother 3: Back To Basics-JarBearFTW 5-2 against Jacob_c
Joeys BIg Brother 4: Dynamic Duos- Will (Icebeast) 8-0 against Imani (Rubes)
———————————Future seasons———————————
Joey's Big Brother 5: All Stars ??
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Joey's Big Brother 4 (Day ??

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