Mud's Survivor: Side by Side (S14)

Congratulations to Patrick (Patrick319), the winner of Survivor: Side by Side!

Past winners:
Borneo: virgie88 (6-0)
Babylon: ThePug (4-3)
France: ZforZombie (6-2-0)
Greece: cole225 (5-3)
Pearl Islands: Robinhood99 (8-1-0)
All Stars: rabbaj (7-3-0)
Blood vs Water: Emotion (4-2-2)
Cagayan: wheels26 (5-2)
Cambodia: CoachWade (7-3-0)
Germany: Lemjam6 (5-2-1)
Morocco: BluJay112 (4-3)
Tasmania: BrainJak (4-3-2)
Arctic Circle: IceBeast (5-3-0)
Side by Side: Patrick319 (4-2)

We are currently located in Hayu Marca, Peru, a mountain range with a compelling history. It is home to the Gate of the Gods, where natives claim to have been in contact with the gods that they worship. Peru is home to some of the most diverse people, wildlife, and geography on the planet, and is where 19 castaways have been stranded to fend for themselves. However, some castaways started their journey in the thick rainforest of Omagua, while others began on Taquile island, a rocky island with beautiful views. These castaways must form a society with those around them while being pushed to physical and psychological limits, but then are introduced to another world at Hayu Marca, where they must adapt to the new castaways. Who will be the one that adapts to their surroundings, and rises above all others that are yearning for the title?

39 days, 19 people, 1 Survivor!

19th: Landon (king_lance) (Quit) Ucayali
18th: Dylan (Dylangover1) (Quit) Ucayali
17th: Jordan (jman96) (2-2) (2-0 revote) Ucayali
16th: Crystal (Crystalnight98) (2*-2) Marañon/Marañon
15th: Will (WillTraitor) (2-2) (1-1 revote) (Lost tiebreaker challenge) Marañon/Marañon
14th: Nopalito (NopalitoLegend01) (3-2-1-1) Tregua
13th: Jussy (jussy007) (7*-0) Marañon/Ucayali/Omagua
12th: Waf (waf_) (4-1*-1) Tregua
11th: Lavender (Cookie_13) (Medevaced) Tregua
10th: Tris (TMAN54445) (9-1) Tregua/Kogi
9th: Raven (RavenWhiteFeather) (4**-3-2**) Ucayali/Ucayali/Omagua/Kogi
8th: Riley (rahrah) (Quit) Tregua/Kogi
7th: Vlad (Vlad21) (4-3) Tregua/Kogi
6th: Kyle (RedsKanto) (4-1*-1) Marañon/Marañon/Omagua/Kogi
5th: Krista (anthousai) (Medevaced) Tregua/Kogi
4th: Silver (Silver09) (2-2) (1-1 revote) (Lost tiebreaker challenge) Ucayali/Ucayali/Omagua/Kogi
3rd: James (J2999) (2-1) Marañon/Marañon/Omagua/Kogi
2nd: Rubes (Rubes) (2 votes to win) Ucayali/Marañon/Omagua/Kogi
1st: Patrick (Patrick319) (4 votes to win) Marañon/Ucayali/Omagua/Kogi

Self-votes indicated by *
Idol plays indicated by **

*Credit to SammySosaTV for logo and tribe buffs*

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