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The List

*Rpg style show/movie/group*
Influenced by Gossip Girl & PLL.
HBO rated - drugs, violence, & mature references.

* *

New Orleans is the host city for a group of friends reuniting a few years after some dark choices forced them to split different ways. When someone anonymous shows knowledge of their past during the reunion what could go wrong in a city that has round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live-music scene and spicy, singular cuisine reflecting its history as a melting pot of French, African and American cultures?

Char. name ⇨ Username

Amber Stevens ⇨ Turkeylover
Angelina Devereaux ⇨ Maya10
Anna Hirose ⇨ KingGeek
Beverly Shaw ⇨ PennyTration
Blake Kingston ⇨ Scarelet
Charlie Gatlin ⇨ Symmetry88
Christopher O'Neil ⇨ Coolbrandonman
Crystal Wagner ⇨ Tommy123
Curtis Gatlin ⇨ Demgirl6
Darius Wallace ⇨ SirNiceGuy
Élodie Chenevert ⇨ Mitsuki
Emerson Lotz ⇨ coolKat
Esmee White ⇨ iGoddess
James Freeport ⇨ Rain848
Jayson "JJ" ⇨ Rubes
Tavon Young ⇨ bad18life
Tony Gallaway ⇨ Hudspith
Trevor Senaka ⇨ BarbraStreisand
Vala Dagan ⇨ Ajathekween
Victor Oliveman ⇨ Bigdizzle
Virginia Shaw ⇨ Nateclove

Ep 1 - Old Friends
Ep 2 - Know thy frenemy
Ep 3 - ???
Ep 4 - ????

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The List

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