Oasis City

"I'll build a city that dreams for two."

                  Everything happens for a reason, or everything happens as a consequence of an action, a chain of events, the butterfly effect -- how ever you'd like to sugar coat it.. it's up to you, really. "Oasis City" pursues individuals all of whom work in a beachside resort. From the restaurant, to the bar, and even the pool. Entertainment is certainly nothing they're short of, but after a while of working so long in the same place, you fall into a rhythm. When did you begin being so .. boring, predictable? And that's exactly how their lives begun changing, shaking things up, stumbling into a secret that's been hidden for centuries. Will the secret remain hidden, or make it to the headlines instead?

Character name; Age [Job] - Username
* * *
Grayson Aarons; 24 [Receptionist] - Logie56
Mel Roberts; 24 [Receptionist] - Finnick
Laureline Ivaskov; 23 [Secretary] - Maya10/AngelofDarkness16
Marley Brown; 24 [Housekeeper] - [PoohSnap]
Kerry Breslin; 23 [Bellboy] - Carraid73
Xavier Stevens; 26 [Chef] - Bigdizzleyomama
Venus Hajek; 21 [Bartender] - Dvs194
Symetra Sereia; 20 [Bartender] - iGoddess
Andrew Abel; 23 [Waiter] - Kgamer
Charlie Dillon; 20 [Poolboy] - CHAEL
Rhys Austin; 23 [Lifeguard] - RyanAndrews


Episode 1: Golden Catch
Episode 2: Undersea
Episode 3: Trifling Trident

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SchedulingL Ep2 [Take 2]
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Episode 1: Golden Catch
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Roles & Relations
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Resort: Occupations List
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