T-Factor 2

The second season of the successful T-Factor. The 16 best singers on tengaged will compete to be crowned the T-Factor, and with it, a place in tengaged history.

Auditions- Any user of any color level can audition. User's who want to audition will submit a recording or video of you singing in the audition forum below. If you are unsure whether or not you want to post your audition in public, you may message it privately to dudetb3. As per our policy, we will accept all auditions (as long as they adhere to the site rules of course). The only main difference from the real competition is that no one's audition will be rejected, instead you will be given advice from the judges in order to prepare you for the next round. Recording's for audition can be from any time, as long as it is you singing it.

Bootcamp: Your one chance to prove to the judges that you can compete in the top 16. You will submit one recording/video of you singing any song of your choice.

Live Shows: The top 16 from boot camp will be divided into four groups. Every singer will post a new recording of them singing to the assigned categories every week. The live shows will last 8 weeks, with 4 singers being eliminated week 1, and 2 singers will be eliminated every week after that until the final 4.

Prize: The winner of the T-Factor will receive 1000t$ worth of gifts, a headline on the tengaged ad page, and the ability to join the judging panel for the next season of T-Factor. But in the end, its all about the experience, becoming a better singer, and having fun.

Extra Notes:
Auditions Close on April 17th
Boot Camp ends on May 1st
The (Not so) Live Shows will run from May 15th to July 24th. A lot of time to do recordings.

Live Show Themes:
Week 1 (Top 16): First Impressions- This is the first time the public is going to have a say, submit something that will wow them. (Free Choice)  The top 3 singers on each team (2 from overall rankings, 1 from coaches save) will advance to the top 12.

Week 2 (Top 12): Love and Heartbreak- Choose Either a love song or a breakup song.

Week 2 will also be the first week that will have a sing off. Every singer will message me a recording of any song that they want to sing, and if they are in the sing off it will be posted. The judges will then vote on one singer to save, the singer that wins the sing off will have to create a new sing off recording for the next week. The sing off recordings for the 9 singers who are not in the bottom will carry over into the following week.

Week 3 (Top 10): Songs of the Summer- Choose a song that represents the warm, fun time of year.

Week 4 (Top 8): X-Factor Celebration Week- As this is the second season of the t-factor, we will be paying homage to the second season of the x-factor (one of my favorite seasons tbh), which began in 2005. Each Artist will cover one song from 2005.

Week 5 (Top 6): Michael Jackson vs. Whitney Houston- Yep this is going to be a hard week. You may only sing songs by Michael Jackson (I'll accept Jackson 5) or Whitney Houston.

Week 6 (Top 5): Songs From 2016- The top 5 will be singing songs that were released in 2016

Week 7 (Top 4, Semi Finals): Tribute Song- The final 4 will sing a song from their hearts dedicated to someone that they either love or have been inspired by.

Week 8 Part 1 (Final 3): Redux Song and Free Choice. The final 3 will submit two songs. The first is a redux song (a re-recording of your favorite performance of the season). The second song is free choice.
Week 8 Part 2 (Final 2): Winners Single- The top 2 sing one last time for votes.

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