Eoin's The Challenge: Free Agents

Hello and welcome to Eoin's The Challenge!

After a very successful first season, Eoin's The Challenge is back for Season 2!

The series is invite only, and Eoin invited fourteen of the greatest group game players to ever grace tengaged to play.

The sophmore season will be based on MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents.

This season will follow the show's format, everyday there will be a daily challenge, with a pre-determined amount of winners. These inners will send one person straight to the elimination round. Then the players who performed the weakest will take part in the draw, one of them will draw the kill card and be sent into the elimination with the winner's choice where only one will survive.

At a certain point in the game, there will be a final challenge, the person who wins that will win this season!

This season will take place in the Azerbaijan.
14th - Alan / AlanDuncan [Lost to Tyler in "Balls In"]
13th - Kelly / Kelly0412 [Lost to Jackson in "Wrecking Wall"]
12th - LeQuisha / LusciousLips [Lost to Jackson in "Looper"]
11th - Nick / BluJay112 [Lost to James in "Oppenheimer"]
10th - Steve / sjsoccer88 [Lost to Chili in "Wrecking Wall"]
9th - Jack / RealJacksonWalsh [Lost to Patrick in "Looper"]
8th - Will / IceBeast [Lost to Christian in "Balls In"]
7th - Jojo / Jojo7784 [Lost to Patrick in "Oppenheimer"]
6th - Chili / Lalisa [Lost to Tyler in "Balls In"]
5th - James / J2999 [Lost to Christian in "Wrecking Wall"]
4th - Tyler / Bamold1999 [Lost to Christian in "Puzzle Pyramid"]
3rd - Patrick / Patrick319 [Lost Final]
2nd - Jake / Lemjam6 [Lost Final]
1st - Christian / Christian_ [Winner]

Wikia: Coming Soon!
Game Chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vS-mAXolFCSwCWwsI2R4qSjj1E1dZ57-p9MEaB2KMn31nklxTOHabuRvTR-2kg-ZnSDbpmn9pIlSbg5/pubhtml?gid=1411889511&single=true

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