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4 days 13 hours ago
Welcome Jacob and Nicky to the first elimination of the season, this one is called "Balls to the Wall"
You both are placed in areas with rods sticking out of the walls attached to metal balls on the end, your goal is to get more rods taken out of your wall than your opponent.
In order to do so, you must mail me *Pulls rod out of the wall* at every tengaged hour on mails (:00).
The person who has the most rods removed from their wall, will be the winner of elimination. In the event of a tie, it will be decided by who got to the point total first.
While for the loser, they will move into the Redemption House.
4 days 13 hours ago
4 days 13 hours ago
4 days 13 hours ago
4 days 13 hours ago
This challenge ends at 6:30pm EST tomorrow.
3 days 22 hours ago
I can officially call this elimination. It is impossible for one of the competitors to catchup.

Jacob: 13
Nicky: 3

And with that, Nicky, you I'm sorry but this ends your time in the house, but all is not lost, you will have a chance to return to the game via the Redemption House.

Jacob, congratulations you can rejoin the house.

See everyone else tonight at 7pm EST for your next challenge.

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