I & N's Survivor: Season 6 (Casting)

18 returning castaways, chosen as the best of the best, are dropped off on a non descript island in the Caribbean. They will have to outwit, outplay, and outlast not only the elements but also each other. In the end only one will remain to claim the million dollar prize and the title of Sole Survivor.

3ish Weeks 18 People 1 SURVIVOR!

Congrats to Tim (Lionsden121) for winning I & N's Survivor: Brazil!
Congrats to Brandon (brandonrichie) for winning I & N's Survivor: Egypt!
Congrats to KC (KCObedencio) for winning I & N's Survivor: Vanua Levu!
Congrats to Tiffany (Jaesus123) for winning I & N's Survivor: India Fans Vs. Failures!
Congrats to Pika (pikaplayer) for winning I & N's Survivor: All Stars!


Leyandas (Magenta Buffs)

Pika (pikaplayer)

18th - Tiffany (Jaesus123) Winner of Season 4: India,  7-2 vote, 1st Voted Out Day 2 #Fuerza
17th - Sam (s73100) 4th Place Egypt and 7th Place Brazil, 9-0 vote, 2nd Voted Out Day 3 #Otok
16th - Renny (Renny10) 3rd Place India, 13th Place Brazil, 7-1 vote, 3rd Voted Out Day 5 #Fuerza
15th - Jacob K. (kekgeek) 4th Place India, 5-2 vote, 4th Voted Out Day 7 #Fuerza
14th - Nick (snick427) Runner Up India, 4-2-1 vote, 5th Voted Out Day 8 #Otok #Otok
13th - Jim (sahmosean) 7th Place Vanua Levu, 6-1 vote, 6th Voted Out Day 10 #Otok #Fuerza
12th - Kyle (Kyle12212) 6th Place India, 14th Place Vanua Levu, 5-1 vote, 7th Voted Out Day 11 #Fuerza #Otok
11th - Luis (_Adidas_) 5th Place Brazil, 5-1 vote, 8th Voted Out Day 13, 1st Jury Member #Otok #Fuerza
10th - Kolby (ThePug) 10th Place Egypt, 5-2-1-1-1 vote, 9th Voted Out Day 16, 2nd Jury Member #Otok #Otok #Leyandas
9th - Jacob G. (BigBrother_78) 8th Place Brazil, 7-1-1 vote, 10th Voted Out Day 17, 3rd Jury Member #Fuerza #Otok #Leyandas
8th - Devin (DevinB) 4th Place Brazil, 4-3*-1-0* vote, 11th Voted Out Day 19, 4th Jury Member #Otok #Otok #Leyandas
7th - Brandon (brandonrichie) Winner of Season 2 Egypt, 2-2-2*-1 vote, 4-1 revote, 12th Voted Out Day 20, 5th Jury Member #Otok #Otok #Leyandas
6th - Tim (lionsden121) Winner of Season 1 Brazil, 4-3 vote, 13th Voted Out Day 21, 6th Jury Member, #Fuerza #Fuerza #Leyandas
5th - Hufus (Hufus) Runner Up Season 3 Vanua Levu, 4-1 vote, 14th Voted Out Day 23, 7th Jury Member, #Otok #Fuerza #Leyandas
4th - Cole (Coyle14) 7th Place Egypt, 3-1 Vote, 15th Voted Out Day 23, 8th Jury Member #Fuerza #Fuerza #Leyandas
3rd - Harry B. (hsb123) 5th Place India, 12th Egypt, Pika's Choice to eliminate, 16th Voted Out Day 23, 9th Jury Member #Otok #Otok #Leyandas
2nd - Josh (Joshbb17) 3rd Place Vanua Levu, Lost Jury Vote 4-5, Runner-Up Day 27 #Fuerza #Fuerza #Leyandas
1st - Pika (pikaplayer) 6th Place Egypt, 9th Place Brazil, Won Jury Vote 5-4, Sole Survivor Day 27 #Fuerza #Fuerza #Leyandas

1. No Hidden Immunity Idols at Camp - Self explanatory.
2. Advantage Island - Two advantages are hidden on the 25 number grid. After each challenge, one person from the losing tribe that was at the challenge will be chosen to visit AI and bring one other person from either tribe with them. The two each get one guess to find one of the advantages, also the people will not be immune at tribal council.
3. Secret Duo - Each person will be paired with someone from the opposite tribe with the goal of making it to the merge together. If both manage to make the merge then they both receive a hidden immunity idol, however if one of them is eliminated pre merge then neither of them get an idol.
4. Bob vs. Nasty - Teams were drafted by Bob and Nasty before the game began in the theme of co-host vs. co-host.

I & N's Survivor VL: http://www.tengaged.com/group/7658
I & N's Survivor App Group: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8219
I & N's Survivor Ponderosa: http://www.tengaged.com/group/8110
I & N's Survivor Wiki: http://i-ns-survivor.wikia.com/wiki/I_%26_N%27s_Survivor_Wikia

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I & N's Survivor: Season 6 (Casting)

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