New Survivor Hosting Hub

The old survivor hosting hub seems dead to me and it would be hard to try and bring it back, I think creating a new one is a better idea. (Credit to Mearl for coming up with this idea and creating the first hosting hub)

Hello fellow Hosts. (This is specific for Survivor only)

How often do we find ourselves without a challenge ready just minutes before we are supposed to host?
How often do you recycle challenges season after season with limited variation of new ones?
Do you ever see players in other series that may look good due to their finishing position, but you find out are really inactive after they have been casted?

Well I've created this group in order to alleviate these issues! Also, it can make it easy to just copy and paste the instructions instead of having to type them out and figure out how to word it.

Here is how this group will work. This will be a closed group for hosts only. There will be four different categories for challenges: Live, Non-Live, Segments and Half-Live.

Half live challenges are basically quick non-live challenges (a couple hours), best used if you need to post a challenge and have to go away for a few hours but don't want to slow your game down by a whole day (since you can have tribal council directly after). Half-live challenges do not require instant feed back on whether somebody is correct or not.

Segments gives you parts of a multiple-part challenge (often seen in final immunity challenges in Cmack's games for example).

I have created a forum called Challenge Template. Use this as a fill-in when you add your challenges to this group since it will make sure you have all the necessary criteria.

If a challenge would work well as different types (say non-live and half-live, or as a segment) please just copy and paste the whole thing and put it into the correct category.

If anybody has any suggestions to make this group better, perhaps a change to the Challenge Template or a new thread/forum, just mail me or post it in the Suggestions thread. If you've run into an issue with certain challenge please state which challenge it was and the issue you've had in the Challenge Difficulties thread, and I'll add it to the challenge description

Also, while it is not relating to challenges, I have posted a forum that is called "Players". For this thread please post the name of your casts (once a season ends) and give a VERY brief  blurb about the player, especially in terms of activeness gameplay. BE SURE TO INCLUDE COMPLETE USER NAME. This will help us all pick better casts in the future and can give us a place to find contestants who other hosts would recommend for good gameplay when looking to invite people to play our future seasons.

There is also a forum where you can post twists you've used in a season so that others can find inspiration for their own twists.

Hopefully this will make our lives a lot easier!



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New Survivor Hosting Hub

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