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69 days 16 hours ago
Lithuania has some tea to spill.

So we have voted in 3 of Slovakia's semifinals which is 21 songs which rounds up to more than a hours time of listening.

We have reminded Slovakia to listen to our National Final on a numerous amount of occasions since we took the time to vote in theirs.

As the deadline looms i told them that if you don't vote in our national final we won't be voting in yours. We were one of the first ones to post our national final, 17 days ago now. A 6 song national final which would take 20 minutes to listen too.

They decided to bitch and say "don't vote then" and went on about that they did not care.

If i vote in your national final i would expect you to vote in mine unless you are crazy busy which he showed no signs of being.

I'm just sending a warning to ya'll that if you take ur time to listen to Slovakia's national final they likely won't take the time to listen to yours.

Lithuania has spilt the tea, have a good day everyone. Someone can translate this if you want :P
69 days 16 hours ago
oh and Alexito can the live draw happen at 7:30 GMT as im going out for tea and i dont wanna miss it
69 days 16 hours ago
69 days 16 hours ago
I would like to state that all of the above was true 1 hour ago but now, if you do vote in my NF, I will vote in yours just to be obnoxious, say "THANKS ADELE!!!"
69 days 16 hours ago
69 days 9 hours ago
Yo momma (love ya Virginia xoxo)

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