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Eurovision's Greatest Diva

The Eurovision song contest began in the 1950's as a way for warring European countries to be reunited once again through the spirit of music.  The competition has evolved over the 60 years due to its reputation of theatrics and sheer foolishness.  However, there are some beautiful and timeless songs.

This is the competition that exposed the world to ABBA and Celine Dion.  Even our favorite Russian lesbians, T.A.T.U and German techno/trance group, Cascada has their time on stage. 

In this competition there are 64 songs ( 3 minutes each).  We will vote over a period of time to discover who Eurovision's greatest DIVA is. 

I have chosen 64 songs and spread them into 16 heats (4 songs each).  Each heat has 4 different countries and four different years. 

In the initial rounds we will eliminate two teams from each group and eventually cut the group to 32.  At that point we'll do a single elimination bracket-style vote and find our eventual winner!

The 2016 Eurovision festival is coming up soon in May!  This is meant to be fun and a way to access great music!

This group will start once I have a sufficient amount of Eurofans!

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Eurovision's Greatest Diva

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