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Alan's Flop Survivor

20 castaways
39 days

Viewers Lounge:

This season's twist is called "Wentworth, Does not Count"

The most entertaining seasons not only have moronic dweebs running naked on an island, but they also have iconic tribal councils. And I'm determined to make sure my season has some wicked tribal councils!

So for the first time in survivor history.. You ALL have one idol each.

There will be no more idols given out this season so use it wisely! You are allowed to use your idol on other people but remember, it is the only idol you will be able to have this season.

Like hidden immunity idols, once you are eliminated, your idol is out of play so you can't give it to someone else once you're eliminated. You are unable to give your idol to someone on the opposite tribe.

Exile Island
Eddie (Dolphinz811)

Navatu Tribe
- Fire Dragon (AlaskanFireDragon)
- Jonah (1001games)
- Josh (Joshchoirnoy16)
- Carrie (Carriexoxo24xo)

Matangi Tribe
- Bob (tunertin)
- Ryan (Boneworks)
- Jay (Jaesus123)
- Rebekah (Scrafty)

Navangi Tribe
- Nymph (Vergi1)
- Sean (Caliboy)
- Justin (BeastBoy)
- Luca (LiukBB)

20th - Steve (Steve4280) QUIT
19th - Supah (Supahhero) 7*-1-1-1 REVOTE: 3-1-1
18th - Mariah (Mariahann) 7-1-1
17th - Robby (Robbyjak) 4*-3-1-1
16th - Evan (Evanester) 6-1-1
15th - Natalie (Galaxies) 3-3-2
14th - Austin (Wildboy12) 3-3-2
~This game will be modeled off of the actual survivor with some game changing twists which means it will take a total of 39 days to complete each season~

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